Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Safari

A few blossoms remain.

A Painted Lady

and an Orange Sulphur find nectar.

The marigolds are thriving
even after many nights of frost.

They provide food for the migrating Monarchs.

Surrounded with leaves the white mums stay warm.

November is a gateway month.

We are having new beginnings.

We shall study the Medicine Wheel.

We shall walk the good red road.

We remember family and friends

that have gone behind the veil.

We celebrate and are grateful.

We work together as a couple.

Like the Snout we bask in the November sun.

Many of the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Indian Summer has begun.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry...

Your gardens must be sheltered for your lovely blooms to have survived the frosts. It is delightful to see them being used by the blink of an eye they will be gone.
The Snout.....I can see why....I am not familiar with this little chap.

The books look interesting and inviting......winter reading? I am reading Gardening Wisdom by Charlie Ryrie. It tells of gardening tips collected from folklore. Bedtime reading is fun......

Happy Sunday safari...

Stay strong.......

Rose said...

Such lovely butterflies, Sherry! I am surprised every time it warms up here that there are still some butterflies about, including a Monarch this past week. The sun is shining here today, too, and November looks more promising than October. Wishing you a month of sunshine and happy memories of those who have a place in your heart, Sherry.


sweetbay said...

Gorgeous photos! The gree eye of the Sulfur is amazing. I love the brown globe shot through with gold too. Beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a beautiful post Sherry. I can't put my finger on why I like this one so much but I do. That female cardinal photo is superb. She looks so full of life. New beginnings as you say. The leaf on the deck rail is absolutely enchanting to me. Happy Novemeber.

Anonymous said...

By sensing and feeling the seasons within Nature, we can then identify the seasons of the circles that we personally have forgotten. Circles are very pourous. There are many gates, but the eyes are not open to see them.

I love your photos Sherry. They are filled with life from so many angles.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Loved your butterfly photos!!!
Your pictures are just lovely. Looks like you are enjoying a long, mild autumn.

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely post ms. Q.
you still have flowers, we do not.
you mentioned gateway month here and in your comment on my blog. It this the celtic gateway or something else? We do head towards the darkest days. Those cards look wonderful. Thank you for sharing yourself like you do~

Amy said...

Your photos are beautiful as always and totally evoke a "fallish" feeling. I like the part about November being a "gateway" month with new beginnings. Much better than waiting until January!

Deb said...

Such lovely colour found on your Sunday Safari Sherry. What a beautiful November walk you had ♥

Meggie said...

Our November brings heat & humidity, and often, electrical storms. Our butterflies are arriving, but they never stay long enough to photograph.

Anonymous said...

I love the way your photos make me feel, Sherry, and admire your courage. The cardinal captures are suberb. The ornament in with the berries is particularly fetching. Love it all! :-)

Wendy said...

Let me echo the comments of the others "this is a beautiful post". I particularly love the first pic - I don't know how you capture light so beautifully. This is something I must learn - with time and patience.

I like your medicine wheel deck. There is deep magic to be found within.
Stay Strong,