Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Safari

The wind shifted to the south. Temperatures began to rise.
I went outside to spend one on one time with the birds.

                                     The male Downy Woodpecker stays near the suet cakes.

There are many female Cardinals in the trees and bushes.
A few will come to the deck while I am sitting quietly reading my book.

I am adding an Asian influence to my home.

The Carolina Wrens

and the Ruby Crowned Kinglets are coming to the suet cakes together.

The sun was warm but the wind was cold.
When a gust blew across the snow I shivered.
 The little Chick-a-dees struggled in the wind.

The big birds could easily manage the gusts.
The Yellow-shafted Flicker had no trouble with the suet cakes in the window boxes.

There are six Blue Jays in the gardens today.
They have eaten all the acorns we saved for them.
I am putting peanuts out now.

There is harmony in the gardens.

It is cold.

It is January in the mid-west.

The wind finally sent me inside.

The tulips are beginning to bud in my indoor garden.

My Mother-in law gave me a butterfly nectar flower for my birthday.
It is in one of the tulip gardens.
A Monarch, that did not make migration, reminds me of the beauty of the butterflies.

My husband showed me a Cob Web Weaver he found in his home office.

I watched her spin a cob web.
I saw her silk come out of her spinnets.

It is snowy.

We are staying home.

We are having fun.

Happy Sunday Safari.
I hope you also are having Winter fun.


Cheryl said...

Dear many beautiful birds in your gardens. Your photography is just so show their beauty in great detail.

I must put some suet in the window boxes....this would be an excellent idea for the woodpeckers. They are very fond of the old apple tree....I shall put some there.

I am sure there is much harmony in your gardens and your we not strive for just that, peace and harmony.....

I am just about to go to bed. It has been wonderful reading this post just before I retire. I shall sleep peacefully thinking about your beautiful birds and gardens....

Many blessings

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Lovely, harmonious, reverant - as always.

sweetbay said...

I love your bird pictures, especially the Downy, cardinal and kinglet. Lately it's been so cold the only fun place to be for very long is inside!

Wendy said...

Cold seems to be the word everywhere! Cold and snow! But warm and cozy inside, if we're lucky. The birds seem to manage, but it's good to see you putting out food for them.

I like to watch spiders spinning their webs - fascinating, isn't it?
I bought some spring flowers today. A little pot of crocus, mini tulips and mini daffodils, to brighten up the windowsill.

Dimple said...

I really like the way you combine beautiful pictures with simple, declarative sentences. Lovely post.

Tammie Lee said...

not only do you have beautiful birds, your photos are gorgeous portraits of each one. Love the cob weaver as well!

Amy said...

Sherry, Your bird photos are the BEST! I also love the wind chime photo and the way you narrate, well, you just tell a beautiful story. Thank you!

marmee said...

i always enjoy coming by when you have had time with the birds...
achieving harmony in the bitter cold takes some effert for me, but i hold fast knowing it is temporary. we have had fun here watching all the birds eat and flying around to each feeder.
happy january.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great macro of the little house spider Sherry. Of course I love the birds. Especially the Flicker. They are usually so skittish I can never get a good photo of them. So glad you are enjoying this sunny day.

Rose said...

What a lovely variety of birds in your back yard! I've always been drawn to the male cardinals, but the more I see of the females the more I think they are just as beautiful...just a little less gaudy:) I am really appreciating your photography today, Sherry. I took about 30 photos of the birds through my living room window yesterday. When I downloaded them, I discovered that they were all so dark you couldn't really make out the type of bird. Time to study the camera manual and figure out how to adjust the settings properly.

I think a heat wave is coming this week--it's 23 degrees today, yahoo!

Tania said...

Thanks for nice comment on my blog!
You have many great pictures here:-)
Wish you a nice week!

Reader Wil said...

Very beautiful, Sherry! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

Wonderful photos. I was uplifted by your post. The bird shots are captivating! Your Harmony brings me Peace.

Nishant said...

this would be an excellent idea for the woodpeckers. They are very fond of the old apple tree....I shall put some there.

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