Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Safari

A few Monarchs came into the garden this afternoon

and a Pearl Crescent was in the Cosmos.

I love shadow art. I look for it.

Our little chipmunk was gathering for winter.

I enjoyed being outside with the birds and bugs today.

The colors were gorgeous.

Little spots of color in the gardens delight me.

I want to grow gourds again
next year.

I use them for decorating.

There are a few tomatoes to pick.

I pinched some fresh mint this morning
for my glass of water.

I am studying the mint family.

I will miss the fresh mint this winter.

Herbs are magical plants for me.
I will be growing more of them next year.
Each flower bed will have a herb.
I already know where the border of chives will be.
The sun is beginning to set.
It is time for me to go walking.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Anonymous said...

As always a bunch of lovely photos:)/Maria

Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures as always.
I will try to grow some gourds as well. Lets see and compare our results next year.
Thanks for publishing the books, I am always reading and learning.
Winter is coming and the garden is covered by snow.
Time to read..
- Cheers Gisela.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have some gourds that I need to do something with. That book you have looks to be very inspiring. I haven't seen many of the big butterflies lately. Mainly I see a few of the smaller skippers. It was a lovely weekend. Have a great week.

sweetbay said...

*Love* the butterfly shots!! I think once you grow gourds you always have gourds.

Rose said...

The colors of autumn are captured so beautifully in your photos, Sherry. I haven't seen many big butterflies lately, but the birds are certainly busy. They are enjoying all the tiny crabapples I have on my tree. We are in for a stormy, windy week here--I hope all the maple leaves don't get blown away too soon.

Juliet said...

You still have tomatoes outside? - how lovely - it's too cold here & all the rest of ours are in the freezer.

I love the butterflies as usual, but also that chipmunk is so very cute :-D Are they destructive like grey squirrels (which I love, but which are a bit of a pest over here) or are they more shy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gorgeos safari and beautiful photos as usual!
I'm glad you still have all those birds and butterflies around. Your autumn is so colorful!

Judy said...

Sherry, I love the photo of the female cardinal! That one is my favourite in this post!!

kkryno said...


I love herbs too. I must have at least a dozen books on them. For some reason though I have trouble growing them since we moved to Eagle River. I won't be attempting tomatoes here again unless I get a greenhouse. It just doesn't get warm enough for the blooms to set.

I guess I'll just have to enjoy your garden here!

Have a great rest of the week, Sherry.