Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Safari

The fog engulfed the gardens all day.

I was transported to another time
and place.

Snow still lays on the ground.

After I fed the birds
I took my books and blankets to the deck.

We have packed up February
and have cleaned the house.

We have decorated for March.

We have our calendar of events.

We hung the shamrock

and our kites.

Kites are good,
so very, very good.

Soon the weather will warm
and the winds will carry our kites skyward,
soon, very soon.

I heard Flicker and saw him fly into the Ash tree.
The fog clouded him.

The Ash Tree, Nion,  is associated with Pisces.
I thought of my friend and her love of the Trees.
She is a Pisces.

Flicker doesn't seem to be afraid of me.
He feed while I watched.
I was lost in thought,
lost in remembering and dreaming.

Robin comes for raisins.
He is very protective of his raisins.

March has always been about
Ireland and kites at my house.

I have hunted for Fairies

and quoted the

I have celebrated St. Patrick's Day
and I have been inspired.

I have made all sorts of
St. Patrick's Day crafts.

I have loved the fog.

This year I am adding Wales
to my March.

I am studying their traditions.

I am learning about St. David,

 daffodils, leeks and Red Dragons.

I am gathering seed.
We will plant our Spring kitchen garden
as soon as the snow melts.

I am arm chair traveling
in March.

I am adding Celtic Astrology
to my understanding of the
I am adding the
Lunar Zodiac of the Druids
and tree lore to my March.

My friend told me about a BBC
program called, "Merlin."
She is waiting for season 4 to begin.
My daughter helped me find, on line,
 season one and two.
It is wonderful.
I watch one episode every day.

I am very much a Yankee
in King Arthur's Court.

I know very little about Arthur
and Merlin.
They are now part of my March.
I will learn their story.

I did not have children's stories when I was young.
It was when my children were young
 I discovered tall tales and legends.

It is in March,
 when my house is dressed in Hobbit colors,
chiefly green and yellow,
that I hold close magic rings.

It is in March I have conversations
in the fog and mist.
I read Merlin is buried in Wales.

We are having a thunderstorm.
The rains are to turn to sleet and snow.
February has been a wild weather ride.

May your March be blessed
with good health and prosperity.

Happy Sunday Safari.


ShySongbird said...

A lovely and very atmospheric safari, Sherry. I do love the way you decorate your home each month, such a lovely idea!

I know I have said it before but your Flicker has the most amazing markings.

I have spent some very enjoyable holidays in Wales, it is a lovely place with wonderful scenery and I know you would love it too!

I have also just caught up with your recent safaris and enjoyed them immensely, especially (of course) seeing all your beautiful bird photos :)

I am so glad you are feeling better than you were Sherry, please do take it easy, get plenty of rest...

Enjoy March!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Sherry, will this winter ever end?? What great shots of this handsome Flicker. Love seeing him and all the others of course.

We were on safari today too. I saw Whooping Cranes and deer mainly. It was all foggy here too.

You are way ahead of me on cleaning and getting stuff out for March...Happy March.

Dimple said...

Hi Sherry, I am glad I stopped by. You have such varied interests, it is a pleasure to read about what you are learning!
We don't have many migrant birds here yet, but I have seen Canada geese. But spring may be a little delayed here in Idaho; we had about 5 inches of snow last night, and it is still snowing lightly. I will welcome warm weather when it gets here!

Rose said...

Oh, I do understand your fascination with Merlin and with Celtic mythology, Sherry. My ancestors were all from Germany, and yet I've always thought I must have a wee bit of Irish blood in me because I've always been drawn to Irish folklore. I hope you find a fairy hiding out in your garden.

The flicker is so beautiful! I've never seen one in my yard, but I would be so excited if I did. Have a happy March!

Marvin said...

Wonderful shots of the Flicker. I hope March is kind to you and yours.

Deb said...

I think it's wonderful how you embrace each month ♥
Every morning the bird song is lasting a little bit longer :-)The snow (while we still have quite a bit) is going through a melt today. I can hardly believe we are heading into March!

Angie said...

And to you, Sherry. I still delight in your blog posts. :)

Wendy said...

I always find fog disorienting. Time and place stand still.

I too like how you decorate your home each month and choose something new to focus on. Celtic astrology sounds fascinating!

I've always found Wales interesting too, but have not deepened my knowledge so far. Maybe this month I will.
Happy March!

Tammie Lee said...

hello dear lady,
it is lovely to see how a month inspires you. your post is full to overflowing with treasures. I love that, a field guide to fairies. this week is all about drawing fairies for me. i try to sense into their realm and remember faces I have seen... will i be able to draw them?

thank you for your kind messages as you have touched my heart.

Naturegirl said...

What a Safari it is today my dear Sherry! So many wonderful images of colorful birds! I am here in the desert and long to see the color of our northern birds..the red cardinal, blue jay and that Flicker is so beautiful as are your words. waving from the southwest. I've yet a month here.
May the warmth of Spring come your way soon.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, what a wonderful safari.
I love the mist hanging over your gardens.
Did you find fairies or maybe a unicorn??

I see the hobbit features in this post.
I love Lord of the Rings.....I have all the books, CD's and tapes from the original BBC radio series.
I shall play them to the grand-children when they are older.

My maternal Grandfather was a scot, so I have a little celtic blood in me. I love this connection.

This safari was like reading a book I did not want to end.......