Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday safari

I bundled up this morning when I went outside to feed the birds.
It was cold. This afternoon's high is in the 30's.
The snow yesterday was only flurries but left a dampness and a cold
that gets into my bones.

Robin was all puffed up staying warm
 while he protected his raisins. He keeps the Starlings and the Sparrows away from the deck and the seed trays.

We are putting out two bowls of raisins

so the Mockingbirds do not have to wait for Robin to be distracted.
Keeping the raisins apart seems to be working.
We do not need any fights over raisins.
I try to keep a peaceful backyard.

The parade of flowers has slowed down.
The cooler temperatures are nice for the daffodils but
will keep the tulips from blooming.

We went to the Alpaca show.

So many different types of Alpacas to admire.

We had a fun time visiting with fiber folk we know

and taking pictures of the darling Alpacas.

I had a wonderful visit with Gloria Smith.
She and her husband raise Paco-Vincunas.

I have visited their farm and have met some of these animals.
I have Athena's yarn in my knitting basket.
She is a very beautiful animal.

I love this fiber.
It is very soft and lightweight but warm.

I enjoy knitting with Paco-Vincuna.
I enjoy just holding the yarn.

While writing this morning I realized how
much I depend on the adventure of discovery
for my energy.

Often an idea will stir other ideas and I will once again be fired up.

While I wait for warmer Spring days I am thinking
about how wonderful an edible front yard would be.

I am listening to Jazz and

finding my French connection.

I am listening to animals.

I am studying the Olive.
 I have a few every afternoon.

I shall be looking for a tree and a pot
and a place for my Olive Tree to grow indoors next winter.

While I wait for my next discovery and the joy of falling, once again, head over heels in love, I am taking comfort in what is  around me.  March is slowly coming to an end. April showers are in the forecast. I hope they are rain showers for May flowers.

Happy Sunday Safari.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, I cannot imagine your backyard being anything other than peaceful.
The birds are charming.....especially the dove.

The alspacas or so pretty. Their faces very individual. I am glad that you had a fun time.

I eat olives most days, as does little Poppi. In SE UK we can now leave the olive trees outside if it is in a sheltered place.

Have a happy week......

Wendy said...

Those alpacas are so cute! Almost human-like.
It would be fun to have an edible front yard, why not? There are so many things to do in spring. I hope our weather warms up. It's cold here too!

Love your birds as always. Little robin looks so bright and puffy and the dove so peaceful.
Happy sunday safari.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I look forward to Sunday safari...but usually for the birds! How nice to see these amazing alpacas! They are such unique much personality! Great photos! ♥

Cathy said...

Hmm, Winter doesn't get the hint it's time to leave!! Also it's nice to see the birds have you well trained ;)

Maybe Spring should act like my Spring in my revise poem "Spring must come in as a wild woman" Then he never hang around like he has been doing of late.

The revise poem is now posted at blog, you'll get a kick out of it.

Barb said...

What wonderful bird friends are already visiting your back yard. I think they know you're putting special treats out for them! I have an alpaca coat - it's lightweight and so, so soft.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a neat surprise to be scrolling down your post and an alpaca face pops up. They do have the sweetest faces. It will be intersting to see how your olive tree experiment goes. They are such pretty trees. I think I see a greenhouse in your future.

Judy said...

I always go through your bird photos a couple of times! I am so enthralled by the textures of the feather, and the details that are visible!!

ShySongbird said...

Another lovely safari Sherry. I do love to see the beautiful birds which visit you :)

We see Alpacas on one of our regular walks, they are delightful creatures and very gentle, I believe. Your photos of them are such fun! You have really captured their comical, rather playful looking nature.

ShySongbird said...

Whoops! I meant to say, I love Olives too and always cook with Olive oil.

Naturegirl said...

Sherry I always sigh when I view your images! Such beautiful birds..some I miss after NOT seeing them all winter. Bless you for keeping the peace.
Those alpacas so funny..waving from the desert. Today +90F!!

Rose said...

I don't feed my robins raisins, but there must be something in my back yard that is appetizing to them, because I think I have the fattest robins this year I've ever seen:) I love all the bird photos, but the alpacas are the ones that captivated me here. Their eyes are so expressive! My daughter once tried to talk my husband into raising them; she was mesmerized by them, too. It's warming up here once again; I'm hoping to start planting soon.

Anonymous said...

Those alpacas are darlings! I wish I could try Paco-Vincuna yarn for my knitting some day. May I ask you which brand do you use? I've never seen any here.