Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Safari

We went walking on a small section of tall grass prairie.
I was looking for spring wildflowers.
I was looking for butterflies.
 I have brought out my field guides.
Once again I will try to learn my wildflowers.
I remember this is Yellow Rocket.
I will try to learn the names of the moths.
I remember a few from last year.
I need a field guide for bees. There are so many different species.
We had a pleasant walk on the prairie.
The Black Swallowtail finally let us take her photograph.
Seeing the Spring butterflies always makes me feel happy.
They have survived another winter.
Eastern Tailed Blues shimmered in the sunlight.

Wild Sweet William is just coming into bloom.
I shall look for my garden Sweet Williams.

I saw many blooms. Many trees, bushes and flowers that I do not know their names.
On the way home we looked for the Belted King Fisher.
We did not see him.

 Instead we were treated to Blue Winged Teals and
 a Great Blue Heron.

A pair of Killdeer patrolled the water's edge.

 Canada Geese were nesting.
The water spoke to me.
I want to visit the wetlands.
 I want to see the spring wildflowers that grow near water.
 I want to see the butterflies of the wetlands.
Yesterday we looked out the dining room window
and saw a Bullock's Oriole at our feeders.
This is the first time we have ever seen one.
 A very handsome bird.
He is very far East for his range.
 I hope he finds his way to his nesting grounds.
I am looking for the Baltimore Orioles and the
Orchard Orioles now. Perhaps he migrated with them.

The full Pink Moon is tonight.
We will sit on the deck and gaze at her.

We went to a kite festival yesterday afternoon.
A strong south westerly breeze made for easy flying.

Our friends came over for movie night last night.
We watched "Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest."
That was lots of fun!
Happy Sunday Safari.


Meggie said...

As ever, your posts are wonderful.
Love that little yellow bird- so pretty!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Bullocks Oriole seems to be showing up in unusual places. I read where one is in Ohio of all places now. Lucky you it is in your garden. Beautiful shots of the spring flowers & bugs. There were colorful fliers in the sky too I see. FUN. It was a beautiful day.

Laura said...

Beautiful photos and post.

Deb said...

Bullocks Oriole made a smart move visiting your garden Sherry :-)
Everything looks so beautiful in your part of the world. Yesterday we had snow, sleet, rain, and lots of wind.

Barb said...

So many butterflies, wildflowers, and birds to enjoy. I feel as though I stepped into your spring.

Dimple said...

Beautiful. I love the wildflowers, birds and butterflies you show. Many I have not seen before, and I thank you for the introduction!

Randy Emmitt said...

Loved the Eastern-tailed Blue photos! We saw lots of them on Sunday also.

Rose said...

This post just shouts "spring"! So lovely to see all the butterflies; I've yet to see one in my garden this spring. I'm still learning the names of the wildflowers, too, Sherry, but we can enjoy them even if we don't know their names. Thanks for taking us along on your safari!

sweetbay said...

I always enjoy your wonderful pictures. I love the shimmering quality of your water photo. Just beautiful. The color of the Bullock's Oriole is amazing!

Angie said...

Sherry, your photos are always exquisite! Should I invest in a 'big girl camera'?? *sigh* My eternal question...Oh my, that Oriole is GORGEOUS!! I've been looking for the Orchards here.
I am totally immersed in Spring and want to spend all of my waking hours outside reveling in it. Alas, we leave for San Fran, CA, early Thurs. a.m. for a visit with our son. I will miss watching my irises bloom---they're all in buds right now. However, I am looking forward to seeing Spring in a new place, as I've never been to CA before. :)

Wendy said...

Spring has certainly arrived in your part of the world. Oh, to see a butterfly! We're not quite there yet.

Your heron is absolutely exquisite! And the oriole so colourful.

Thank you for taking us on Safari. Happy Easter

Naturegirl said...

Dearest Sherry: I have come here on Earth Day and what a feast for my eayes!! Oh that Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly as all that you posted takes my breath away!! So many Spring flowers so many butterflies and the Blue Heron!!!
Sigh..Happy Earth Day!