Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Okay

Tornadoes have ripped through our area these past few days.

Today five tornadoes dropped out of the clouds for a brief
reminder of how awesome nature can be.
Our city was spared this time.
Other areas were hit.
 Tornadoes have destroyed many homes these last few days.
Many people have been killed.

In the mist of so much sadness and loss there has been an amazing outreach of kindness.

People helping each other.
People offering comfort.
People living from their hearts.

The storms pass.
The butterflies

and bees return to the gardens.

The birds are busy feeding young.

A pair of Sparrow eggs,

a poppy blossom,

a Great Crested Flycatcher grace my backyard.

The female Hummingbird comes to her feeder.

The Baltimore Orioles come for jelly in the rain.

We are almost ready to leave on our road trip.
We just need the rains to stop so we can mow the yard.

We are okay.
We are sad.

Mother Nature can be very fierce.
Mother Nature can be so very beautiful.
Stay safe.


Flat Creek Farm said...

So glad you're ok! I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing calmness, peace, and serenity - even in the midst of such unsettled weather. It's been a scary week here too. Thankfully, we're fine as well. Have a safe road trip! -Tammy

Nell Jean said...

I'm glad you are safe. Thank you for a beautiful post on life going on.

Tumblewords: said...

A joy to hear that you are safe! Wishing you a happy Western journey. Be well.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Thank goodness you are safe. I have been watching with sadness the devastation across the Mid West. We have seen mother nature at full force......I fear we have contributed to the problem.

Such a beautiful post showing the beauty in your garden, the birds, the bees, the butterflies, life goes on.

Thinking of those who are in pain today....the loss of a loved one, the loss of a home......

Travel safely my friend.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

So happy to hear that you are ok and are heading away from all these awful storms. A friend of ours is in Joplin with a rescue team. He was almost in shock when he saw it all. Says it is incomprehensible. Loved seeing your birdies. So soothing. Have a great trip.

Laura T. said...

Glad to hear you are OK. We used to live in Overland Park and I remember sweating it out a few times in the basement with the dog and the kids.
The power of nature and God is amazing, isn't it?
Love your photos - as always. I wish I had all of those birds in my yard!



Glad you're okay. Have a great trip.

Tammie Lee said...

a beautifully caring post
life is such a mix
and when people step up to help one another it is wonderful
your photos support your words wonderfully

Deb said...

Dear Sherry
Thankfully you are alright! Such a beautiful, caring post & wonderful images. The Sparrow eggs are breathtaking ♥

Rose said...

I'm so glad you are safe, Sherry! We had tornado warnings all around us last night and spent part of the evening in the basement with Son and his family. After seeing all the devastation the past month across the country and especially in Joplin, Mo. recently, we take these warnings very seriously. Fortunately, very little damage was done in our area, but there are some fallen birdnests on the ground. Your post is a lovely reminder that though Nature can be so fierce, it has such a beautiful side as well.

Have a safe journey!

Barb said...

I'm glad you're unscathed. So much to see in your back yard right now. Have fun on your trip. Be safe!

Judy said...

I love that photo of the sparrow eggs! So glad you are safe in the midst of all the dangerous weather! We are getting a LOT of rain here, too, but not many thunderstorms, and no tornadoes (touch wood!!)!

Blue bird said...

After days of struggle with my blog finally I am able to send a comment.
I think a lot of that part of the country which they call: Tornado Valley. Yet people live there until the most horrible event comes. I don't know if there is other part on this Earth where so many tornados come?
Your blogpost before you leave on a most wonderful journey is a great greetings. Your photos are amazing and the amount of birds you have is a gift of Nature.
Be safe and enjoy the beauties you will see! Love and hugs: Julia/Blue bird :)

ShySongbird said...

I nearly missed this one Sherry! I am so very glad to read you are safe, I had seen on the TV what terrible weather there was over there, it is a relief to know you are well.

As always your photos are beautiful and your pretty birds are just stunning!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday :)

Cathy said...

Oh m i thought you were on your trip already. But glad to see safe. Yes it was wild weather and crazy too. I might had a small tornado couple miles north of here.

Hopeful we can get a break from all this mess.

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry, I am sooooo glad you are safe. Somehow I knew this deep in my heart. You pics speak eloquently of the healing nature of Mother Earth. I hope some of it seeps into those in need, those in pain and puts things back in balance once again.

Stay safe and enjoy your trip. Sending love and light your way.

Juliet said...

I hadn't heard about the tornadoes, but am glad to hear you are safe.

I hope you are enjoying your trip - I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

kkryno said...

Glad that you're doing well, Sherry. Have a fun and Safe road trip! :)

Judy said...

Tornadoes are so powerful, and incredible to watch on TV, but they do so much damage!!! Glad you are safe this time!
My favourite photo is the butterfly with the sun coming through its wings on the ?nepeta?. Or maybe the bee...