Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Safari

Today I went hunting for balance.

I have been watching this Robin who has lost his tail.
He still can fly. He still can hunt for food.

A full tailed Robin ran tail-less off the raisins.
I hope he can grow a new tail soon.
I will hide some raisins for him.

I am reading a very interesting book.
I have thousands of photographs. A huge collection.
Every day I take more, even though I am still processing
 the 3,700 photographs  I took while on holiday.

I have read page one 10-15 times.
I just keep rereading these two paragraphs.
I am reading it again while I post today.
I have also moved on in the book. I read a chapter and go back to page one. I am impressed.

       "Several of the animal figures in the collection in the
 Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc cave were drawn with a finger moving on a thin film of clay. In French the term for such drawing is trace digital, or digital drawing. We are at once linked from twenty-first- century digital images to the digital images of our ancestors, reminded that the computer-based use of the term is anchored in our very physical nature and reminded that construction of images is a purposeful act."

Today while I was taking photographs I thought about my
"purposeful act."
Sometimes I am looking for the relationship
of the bug and the bloom.
Here is a Hoover Fly in Queen Ann's Lace.

Sometimes I am looking at the patterns of the bug and the bloom.

For my collection of Queen Ann's Lace photographs
I needed the pink of the just beginning to open bloom.

Sometimes I am taking photographs and changing the
 settings on the camera just to see what kind of effects
I can create.

I have photographed the
Eastern Tailed Blue many times.
Each time the light is different.
Each photo is unique.

Often I look for the way the light shimmers.
I will use different lens and cameras.

Often I am documenting relationships

seeing the pattern of life and enjoying the beauty.

Today I began a new collection of images.

                                     This one is titled,
      "Bees in the Moon Glow Coreopsis."

I took many photographs of the
 Mason Bees today.

She is my favorite bee.

I hope to document all the different
 bees and bugs that visit this year.

I will keep looking for balance
and maybe get another hard drive for storage.

Happy Sunday Safari


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such sharp images Sherry. You did a great job. I will look forward to seeing the bugs you collect with the camera.

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, that plump little bee in the first pic is so precious! I am impressed with that book you are reading - thanks for sharing page 1.

It is nice to see butterflies once again after a long winter (I know, I'm a bit behind).
I did not know robins could re-grow their tails! I certainly hope so.
Lovely photos, Sheri.

Judy said...

Sherry, I always love the detail in your photos! I do hope that poor robin can regrow his tail. It is only feathers after all, and they are moulted every year. I have not seen any QAL this year. I wonder what has happened to it all?

Tammie Lee said...

wow, your post overflows with gorgeous detailed flowers and critters. your photography is something to bow to! Thank you for sharing life through your lens and heart.

ShySongbird said...

Stunning photos again Sherry and that looks a most interesting book. You always seem to find such unusual books to read.

I am sure the Robin will grow another tail after his next moult, I wonder what happened to it, perhaps it had a lucky escape from a cat.

I too had to get an additional hard drive to store my many photos, it is so useful but I am terrified that it might 'die' one day and take my photos with it. Maybe I should get another to be on the safe side but then one could keep on like that... :)

The heat here has been overpowering the last two days, thankfully it should cool down tomorrow. I hope it cools for you soon.

Happy reading Sherry!

Barb said...

So many beautiful images, Sherry. I take many shots, sometimes only seconds apart, and they all look slightly different. Often I can't decide which I like best, so my photo collections are huge! I backup on a separate hard drive. The bee on the Coreopsis is wonderful. My favorite photo is of the golden stamens with the insect (flying ant?) horizontal across them. Glad you're home safely and had such a magical trip.