Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Safari

My husband asked me if I wanted to go
 see the Ebony Jewel Wings this morning.
He thought we could leave after I finished my journal jottings.
He thought we could go before it became too hot.
I did want to go. I could jot later.

They are so very beautiful.
So very, very lovely.
They make me cry they are so elegant.
I love the Ebony Jewel Wings.

I love the way they talk to each other and
the way the males change from iridescent green to iridescent blue.

I love the way the females flash their wing dots.
I can almost hear them saying, "Hello."

We sat with the Jewel Wings for a couple of hours.
The Jewel Wings sustain me.
They are gentle spirits.
They eat mosquitoes!

My husband did the photographs today
 with our macro lens.
I was happy to just sit with the damselflies.
I was content to be with the Jewel Wings.

I love Summertime because of the Jewel Wings.
It is their time of year.
I can see butterflies in the winter
if I go south or find a butterfly house near by.
 I have not found an indoor
 Dragonfly or Damselfly house for winter enjoyment.
The Ebony Jewel Wings have about three months
of flying every year.
Three months of hot and humid weather.
Summertime on the Tall Grass Prairie
 includes these amazing bugs.  I love living here.
I love living with the Ebony Jewel Wings.

We love turtles too.
A turtle with a Vivid Dancer is even better!

We love drifts of wild flowers

and butterflies.

We love lotus and bees

but this Summer belongs to the Jewel Wings.

They make heat and humidity

tolerable, enjoyable because it is necessary for them.
It is their habitat.

Knowing the Jewel Wings are doing fine
gives me great hope.

Climate change is about but the Jewel Wings are adapting.
I will too. I am getting up earlier so I can greet the dawn.
I am inside during the heat of the day.
I rest. I read. I drink lots of water.

Back home I watched the Sunflowers and dreamed of
ways to create a backyard habitat for Ebony Jewel Wings.
I have the mosquitoes.
 I just need a gentle brook with dappled shade.
I need a small forest glade. I think I could support a small group of Jewel Wings.
My husband thinks we could come up with something
 for the Ebony Jewel Wings.
 I love him for that.
 I love him for taking me to see them this morning.

Happy Sunday Safari.



What a sweet post! What beautiful creatures. I hope you can create a backyard habitat for them. With Hubby on board, you're halfway there! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am proud of you for not melting in the heat and keeping your positive attitude through this gruesome weather. The dragons were out in numbers today around here too. Your hubbys pictures are great. Don't you just love that macro??.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

The ebony jewel wings are precious and beautiful. I wish I had seen them when I visited. At least Ican see them through your eyes.
It would be wonderful if you could have a habitat for them in your garden. Your husband I am sure will come up with something for them. You are blessed.

August starts today, another step towards autumn......

Happy Sunday safari.

Rose said...

Your husband is so thoughtful! A little brook or water feature sounds like the perfect addition to your garden and would make the jewelwings very happy. I've seen more dragonflies lately than butterflies; I didn't realize it was the heat and humidity that was drawing them here.

Sounds like you have found the perfect way to cope with this heat, Sherry.

Angie said...

What a beautiful beautiful post, Sherry! The photographs are spectacular. The Jewel Wings are breath-taking.

kkryno said...

How wonderful if you could create a place for them to visit your yard! I hope you can make that a reality. Knowing you two, it's a given!

Wendy said...

That gentle brook with dappled shade sounds like heaven to me. What a wonderful habitat for the jewel wings. Your pics are lovely as always, whether they are yours or Mike's. What a sweetie of a husband you have. You'll find just the right place for the little creatures.
Sending love and light.

sweetbay said...

I love Damselflies too. Such exquisite creatures.

Vetsy said...

I love Dragonflies I hope too, to one day create a special little place just for them.

Thanks for sharing your lovely photo's of them and good luck creating a lovely place for them.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Sherry, thank you! I understand how you could watch them for a couple of hours! Such graceful creatures! I was watching bumblebees on my escallonia for about an hour recently. We are so lucky to have a chance to see this beautiful world, aren't we?

Juliet said...

They are such beautiful, elegant creatures - and they eat mosquitoes too?! I do hope you are able to attract some to your garden: what a lovely idea.

Sorry for lateness of comment - I'm playing catch-up with my blog-reading again!