Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Safari

We spent our Thanksgiving with the birds.

There were over 200,000 Snow Geese, a few hundred Pelicans
 and a few thousand White-Fronted Geese.
The Loess Bluff Hills made a spectacular background.

The sounds of the birds are in my heart.
I will always treasure 
being part of this migration.

The Pelicans greeted us.

Amazing birds.

There were Eagles too.
This immature was interested in us.
Squaw Creek is about 100 miles North.
We had come looking for Trumpeter Swans.

We were not disappointed!

A small flock were about 200
 yards out in the wet lands.

We watched them feed and preen.

We ate our peanut butter
sandwiches with this family of Swans,
a Cob, a Hen and their Cygnet.

A  Cattle Egret watched us for a little bit
than went about hunting for dinner.

A Hawk flew into the tree next to our car.

A Yellow-shafted Flicker flew in right after.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
 Dinner with the Swans was a dream come true.
We had eaten pumpkin pie for breakfast.
Mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy with
 peas was our late night snack.
We traveled with our critter friends, Mammoth and Horsey.
We had fun. It was a warm, 67 degrees, and windy day.

Back home we needed bee medicine.
We had lots of work to do.
November needed to be put away.
We had to clean the house and decorate for December!
Our festival of Trees begins December 1st.

We are almost finished decorating. I have put up 54 trees!
Tomorrow I will polish the silver and iron the linens.
We will cut pine and holly for the vases.

I am celebrating the German and Dutch cultures
in December.  It is my heritage.
 I have paper-cutting and baking to do.

I just might go back to Squaw Creek
in December.
I just might pack the picnic basket.
We will be home alone for Christmas
this year.
Christmas with the Swans sounds romantic.

Happy Sunday safari.


Judy said...

Oh, Sherry! The first couple of shots are just wonderful! the second one showing the thousands of birds in flight, especially!!
And I love the lighting in the photo of the cattle egret with lunch, although I am a bit squeamish about his lunch...

ME said...

It makes my heart sing! I wish I had been there! Thank you for the next best thing......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a sight to see so many birds in one place. The swan family is so sweet. Wonderful day indeed. WOW and to put up 54 trees. Can't imagine that.

Angie said...

Wow, what a fabulous Thanksgiving--the feathered and winged spirits leave me speechless. I'm green with envy. ;) Your month of December sounds like it will be perfect...I'm looking forwarding to many pictures of your trees. :)

Barb said...

I would love celebrating a holiday with the swans. The snow geese are so beautiful in flight. Part of my background is also German/Dutch. We are stalwart (some would say stubborn) people! Lucinda thinks maybe she could be friends with Mammoth and Horsey. She wants to know if they like carrots? I cannot even imagine decorating 4 trees!

Barb said...

Whoops - I meant 54 trees! (But, 4 would be a lot for me, too...)


What an amazing place. I love the bird population. I can see why you love Squaw Creek.

Dawn Fine said...

Fun safari with the of birds. Where do you put all those Christmas trees?

Anonymous said...

"Christmas with the swans" sounds very romantic indeed! And perhaps gourmet peanut butter sandwiches?

As always your photography is absolutely stunning!

Wendy said...

What an amazing photographer you are, Sherry! You've captured the migration perfectly. I did not know there were egrets this far north.

You must have had a wonderful time. And it sounds perfect to be spending Christmas with swans. I hope the weather is fine when you travel.

Rose said...

What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving! The birds are magnificent! This must have been such an awe-inspiring experience. Pumpkin pie sounds like just the right kind of "fuel" to start the day:)

My heritage is German, too, and I've seen examples of the bobbin lace and Scherenschnitte, but I've never attempted either. But I'm amazed at the 54 trees--you are one busy lady! I have two to put up, and neither one is up yet, let alone decorated. Stay warm and enjoy the holidays, Sherry!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You got some wonderful photos! I love the swans...beautiful! You would have laughed at me yesterday. I had on pj bottoms but a regular top...sat down at the computer, looked out the window and saw an eagle! I grabbed my camera and ran outside...who cares if I have flannel pj bottoms on! heehee! It was pretty high in the sky so my photos aren't very sharp...but it gave me a feeling of amazement! ♥

sweetbay said...

What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. Your photography is beautiful as always. Your post reminds me that we need to try to go to Lake Mattamuskeet in the eastern part of our state this year ~ there are thousands of swans and geese and other waterfowl there.