Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Safari

A northeasterly breeze has brought in
cooler morning temperatures. It feels like Autumn.

Still we are in extreme drought.
The cold front brought a tiny bit of moisture,
 a tenth of one inch. We are grateful for every drop.

Our son sent gifts. I am so grateful for the shower filter.

His first batch of rose water smells delicious.
I am committed to growing roses.

I have begun to plan our Spring 2013 gardens.
I am focusing on scent and host plants for the butterflies.
I am doing my research.

I am humbled by Paul Watson, the captain of the Farley, the flagship of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
His commitment to saving whales has inspired me.

The Monarchs are coming to the gardens.
I am doing everything I can so they have milkweed and nectar.

I am taking a sabbatical.

I am being creative.

I am falling in love every day.
I will be gone for a few weeks.
May you enjoy your end of summer days.

Happy Sunday Safari!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Enjoy your time away Sherry. I am glad this cooler weather has moved into your area. Now for some rain.

Judy said...

Sherry, have a good rest, and recharge your batteries!! You will be all the more welcome when you return, with new spectacular photos, and an account of your adventures!
My favourite photo is the monarch with the shadows of the butterfly bush caught on his wing!!! I love the way the sun shines through that fragile wing!

ShySongbird said...

Dear Sherry, I am glad it has been a little cooler but I hope you have some real rain soon.

Your Swallowtails are magnificent and the Monarch is breathtaking, so very beautiful!

I hope you have a most restful sabbatical and come back refreshed so we can enjoy more of your lovely photos :-)

Happy sabbatical and end of Summer Sherry!

Angie said...

Lovely, lovely photos, SherryQ. :) I am so happy that the temps have cooled a bit for you. Enjoy your sabbatical. Hugs of love and light. :)

Rose said...

I'm glad the heat has finally abated, and I do hope some rain will soon follow. Your butterflies are beautiful as always.

Enjoy your sabbatical--I hope it is full of butterflies and dragonflies as well.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Love your butterfly shots!

A whole packet/box of 30 blue hyacinths wonderful. I have had such great pleasure from my single bulb alone.

Wendy said...

Lovely photos as always. Enjoy your time away and be sure to take lots of pics.
Love and Light

Anonymous said...

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cAtHy said...

OK MS Q!!!!!!!!




Cathy said...


:-) I never said I was a saint

Barbara said...

I hope you're fine and haven't stop blogging! Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A few weeks seem to have turned into a few months. I hope all is well.

I miss the Sunday safaris and I am sure I'm not alone in this.

Greetings from snowy Berlin

Flat Creek Farm said...

Hope all is well, Sherry! Miss you and your Sunday Safari's! Please come back soon :) -Tammy

Gordon said...

Hope you can get back into the Blog Sherry, everyone misses your Safaris and back yard pics.
All the very best Gordon.

Gordon said...

Hope you can get back to your blog soon Sherry, we all miss your Safaris and your back yard pics.
All the very best Gordon.

Cathy said...

Dear Miss Q


Hopefully nothing bad has happen to you. Hopefully your butterflies have return and you are taking lots of pictures. Which ones these day you will share with us.

Meanwhile there is plenty of new poems for you to read at my blog(hint hint)

Mary said...


I hope all is well with you.


Mary said...


I hope all is well with you!


Mary said...


I hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I go through the blogs I follow I am sad that there are no updates for this one. It's been a long time now -- is everything ok?

My last comment was released, so I guess there is someone still reading and approving comments. An update would be nice.

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry,
Miss you - hope all is well.
Sending lots of hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Q
Today was a gloomy day for me so I thought I would come over to your corner of the world and see if you could perhaps have words or photos that would cheer me up.
Only to discover that you have not been blogging for a while.
Like your other friends here, I hope that you're doing fine and that you will be back blogging soon. We miss you