Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Safari

The butterflies are taking shelter from the wind.

Late spring flowers are in bloom.

The peonies are showing color.

The roses are opening.
Time for me to harvest to make rose water.
The sage is in bloom.

Every day I walk my gardens.
Every day I am surprised by what is in bloom.

I have decided to plant another lavender hedge.
This one is to be planted
by the apron of the driveway.

I am reading and choosing
 the best lavender for my location.

With over 400 cultivars to choose from
 I am sure to find the perfect match.


Angie said...

What a beautiful Sunday Safari in your yard, dear SherryQ! :) I'm so glad to know that you are safe. I've had you on my mind. I had no idea there were so many varieties of Lavender :0 That Parrot(?) tulip is sooooo beautiful...Headed to a meeting---we'll talk soon. Sending hugs of love,
Blessed Be
Angie who is dancing in the breeze

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A lavender hedge would be marvelous. I hope you find the perfect plant for your area. It was windy here too.

Barb said...

It's wonderful to see what you have blooming. I'm dreaming of Lavendar, too.

Randy Emmitt said...

lavender is a great deer repellant,I know you will enjoy it also. Cool for the bees and butterflies too!

Rose said...

The book on lavender looks interesting, Sherry. I am so thrilled that one of the plants I started from seed last year made it through the winter; I need to plant more of it this year. I'd love to make some lavender sachets. I've been so happy to see all the butterflies already this spring; I hope that bodes well for the summer, too. Yesterday I was at a friend's house, and while everyone was chatting, I was entranced by all the butterflies dancing in her garden:)

Hope those strong storms missed you. We've had strong winds, too, but fortunately, the worst of it missed us.

Tumblewords: said...

A beautiful post. It sounds like the storms missed you - that's wonderful. I love lavendar and have some near the doorway but it looks like it needs more help than I can give it.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Your gardens are very advanced. My garden has slowed down....we have frosty nights here and there, so everything stands still for a while.
Pretty butterflies, lovely images,
how wonderful to have them back in the garden.

A lavender hedge would be wonderful for you, the bees and the butterflies. I look forward to seeing the progress.