Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Safari

I have sunflower fever.

Not only have we planted specialty sunflowers

but I bought a half pound of
 Russian Mammoth Sunflower seeds.

I am tucking sunflower seed in every spot I can.

I use sunflowers in my August decorating and this year

 I want to make dried sunflower wreaths for December.

The birds love the seeds.

I think this year we could have enough seed
to save for people and bird feed. I hope the deer stay away
from the seedlings. I am bordering the sunflowers with zinnias.
Hopefully the zinnias will do the trick.

Watching the bees in the sunflowers gladdens my soul.
It is the relationship between bees, birds and people with this amazing flower that has given me  the fever.
I finished reading this remarkable story of
humans and sunflowers. I strongly recommend this book.
It is a perfect summertime, non-fiction story.
I have sat in sunflower fields and I have written poems
about these lovely flowers. I have always grown sunflowers.
But this year something is different.
This year I feel a passion I have reserved for lavender and roses.

The zinnias are doing fine.
I bought them in bulk too for over seeding.
I love zinnias and marigolds.
Wonderful flowers for summer heat and humidity
in the Tall Grass Prairie.

For our Summer Solstice we are beginning a sun study.
We will see how many hours of sun each garden spot receives.
I want to ready my areas for roses, the flower for 2013.

I read in the afternoons.

I do my journal writing
when it is too hot to be outside.

Each Summer, during the days of Cancer,
 I work on my non-violent ways.

I learn a wee bit more on how to live in harmony.

I love cone flowers too and bee-balm.

I love sitting on the glider under the Ash Tree
 watching the butterflies rest.
I love falling in love.
I love planting seeds.

My husband just came in. He has another
flowerbed ready for sunflowers and zinnias.

Our children honored their Dad today with gifts
and phone calls.
He is a wonderful Dad and an amazing partner.
He likes sunflowers too.

Happy Sunday Safari,
my fever continues to burn.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your first photo looks like a painting. Beautiful. Happy Sunday Safari.

ShySongbird said...

Your beautiful Sunflower leapt from my sidebar and captured me Sherry! What a joy to see all those lovely, sunny faces and of course I love the one with the bird on it ;-)

How wonderful to study how much sunshine blesses each part of your garden. We have no sun at all here, the birds and the butterflies are crying out for it...and I am too!

Enjoy your blooms, your birds, your butterflies, bees and books Sherry.

Cheryl said...

Good Morning Sherry,

The first image is a work of art and would not look out of place in an art gallery.
I adore sunflowers but cannot grow them :( They do not like my soil and the rabbits love them. It is a thrill to see you honour them.
They are a wonderful food source for many creatures, including us......I love sunflower seeds and eat some every day.

I have fallen in love with our native wild orchids. I am hoping at some stage this summer to be able to show some in the garden....

The longest day is near and yet I feel like summer has not really begun. Staying positive is my aim, but I confess, these last few months have been the most difficult I have experienced in the garden. It will pass, as my mother says 'It is a long road that has no turning'

Have fun, when I think of you I smile.......

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely and summery wonderful post! you inspire beauty to grow in your garden and through your lens. i love the title of that Summer poetry book, quite enticing.

Rose said...

What beautiful images of sunflowers--I agree the first photo looks like a painting! Sadly, I never got around to planting sunflowers this year, so I will enjoy yours from afar instead. But I did plant lots of zinnias and cosmos for the butterflies; the butterflies have already found the coneflowers, which are their favorites (and mine, too). Glad your white cosmos are doing well!

sweetbay said...

Your sunflowers are fantastic! I love the pictures with the bees, especially the bee covered in pollen.

Wendy said...

What a happy summer post! I too love sunflowers and zinnias. Your little bee looks so contented covered in pollen and all your pictures look like works of art!

Lavender and roses and sunflowers. I can understand your passion. Can't wait to see your sunflower wreath in December - it will be like a ray of sunshine at the darkest time of the year.

Happy belated Father's Day to your dear hubby. I'm glad he was honoured on his special day.

Thank you for such a sweet and encouraging comment on my post "chair tai chi". I am really feeling my way through this and it was so nice to hear your kind thoughts. You are very special, my friend and I'm so glad to know you.