Monday, July 14, 2008


There is a little chipmunk that has come to live near my garage door.
I see him scurring about in the gardens.
Last week I began filling a brass leaf with seeds and nuts.
A bowl for Chippy.

Slowly the Chipmunk has begun to trust me.

I hope there is a family.

I would love to see baby Chipmunks.


ChrisND said...

Chippy is great...very cute! One like that would have to live in the front or side-yard at our house as our loyal companion would sniff them out in the back.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

While I often find squirrels to be pesty and destructive, I always smile when I see a chippy!

Cheryl said...

Hello cute is Chippy....I wish he was in my back garden.....babies, I do hope so....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That last photo shows how it is filling its pouch with all those seeds. He probably thinks he has found mana from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! he or she pick a great place to live too.

Jayne said...

Just look at those cheeks! Makes a mother want to squeeze!

Anonymous said...

Chippy is such a swetie! I hope it comes to visit you again with all the family. It must be so fun to see them all.

Deb said...

Chippy is adorable! We see lots of little chipmunks on our walks and they do become very tame often mistaking toes for treats :-}

smilnsigh said...

They are so precious. And skittish. Wonderful that he is learning to trust you. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci

Mary said...

Oh, Sherry, I love the Chippies! I began seeing them last week, so I dumped peanuts on the ground for them. Your photos show just how sweet they are!

I'll keep my eye on them and will share photos of mine soon.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I am very excited to have a little chipmunk in my gardens. I just love the idea that they are comfortable and have a home here. I can see the entrance to their home. I am thinking about building a roof so their hole stays dry!
Beyond your garden gate would be a safe Chippy spot!
I am meeting more four legged critters.
Ahhh...the joy of the gardens.

Q said...

Dear Lynne,
My husband has an on going battle with the squirrels. The squirrels are winning!
Seeing Chippy upclose is new for me. I am very pleased too. Yesterday he was in the window box. He was looking into my office making little sounds. I think he was ready for breakfast and I was lingering inside with my coffee too long!
I am smitten with the Chipmunks. Once I am in love I am always in love too. Looks as if the Chipmuncks have a home with me!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
They are so little and cute!
I do have a mole in the front yard too. I never see him but I see his mounds of dirt. I know my lawn will be free of grubs! We have other four legged critters. Maybe I will do some animal posts. I see deer scat and the baby bunnies have no fear. The Raccoons are busy eating at night with the opossums. The family of Ground Hogs are also in the garden.
We are trapping and releasing in a wildlife area. My busy street is too dangerous!
I could go on a "beasts" safari!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
He/she was busy filling up and running back into his/her house. I would see him/her again in a few minutes. I did not know if he/she was feeding little ones or storing for lean times ahead!
I could not tell if I have a Chippy or a some point I bet both! So cute!

meggie said...

What a beautiful little creature! It would be wonderful to see babies!

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I am very pleased to have the Chipmunks about. This winter I will be sure and keep the entrance to their home clear of snow.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
I was so tickled. This Chipmunk was stuffing the seed in as fast as he could!
So funny!

Q said...

Dear Aluajala,
I so hope to see little ones!
I do think the chipmunks are cute!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Oh dear!!! Ouch!!!
My Chippy is not that tame.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I like the backyard "wild" animals to trust me enough to be able to get their food but not so much that they are in harms way!
He is cute!

Q said...

Dear MAry,
We are so connected.
Good idea on the peanuts.
Looking forward to seeing your Chippy!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
He is very small too. I think the face is cute!

Naturegirl said...

How wonderful that Chippy visits you!
I adore these little scampers when they visit! I am NOT taming my little guys because I allow the cats out in the garden with me...and you know what may happen so...I watch from a save him. :)NG

Q said...

Dear Anna,
Oh dear, we would never want a chippy to be in harms way!
Your sweet kitties might be inclined to go after a chipmunk.
From a distance would be best.