Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snowberry Clearwing

The Snowberry Clearwings
have found the Butterfly Bush.

These are medium sized moths,
about 1 1/2 inches wing tip to wing tip,
that mimic bumble bees.

It is always a joy when I see them!

There are other sphinx moths that come in the summer.

The Hummingbird Clearwing is twice as big as the Snowberry.
I am looking for them to arrive soon
now that the Butterfly Bush is in full bloom.
Moths are very good bugs!


Anonymous said...

Great photos, and I learned something. What a deal!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What great photos Sherry. We have one at our house too. I was wondering how we know if it is a snowberry or a hummingbird moth? I have two books that show them and there is conflicting information. The one we have looks just like yours.

Mary said...

I saw one at my butterfly bush a few days ago but I thought it had gray/black stripes...didn't get a photo but it was smaller than a hummingbird moth.

Just checking in to say HI!

Miss you and trying to catch up. I notice your posts are more vibrant and in good health :o)


ChrisND said...

That is an interesting looking moth...such a great first photo you have. I really like the sphinx moths. Although this year I may have "planned" the garden a little off -- their favored plant is blooming at the side of the house (where we don't tend to sit and observe).

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....that is amazing I was reading about this delightful creature last night.......and I awake next morning to find your post.
She is so beautiful I could look at her all day....It is lucky she is not in my garden, nothing would get done.......

meggie said...

Are those Butterfly Bushes, also known as Buddleia? We have a purple one, & I have wondered if that is why the butterflies seem so prevalent in the Summer, when it blooms.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and smiles

Jayne said...

Oh, he's magnificent Sherry!

Naturegirl said...

I have never seen one before this! Very interesting! Great photos for sure! My butterfly bush has NOT yet blossomed..roses now!

ICQB said...

I saw my first hummingbird moth a couple of years ago and never knew there was such a thing until then. Thanks for the picture of the clearwing. Moths can be utterly fascinating!

Q said...

Dear Wren,
I learn something new every day too! Mother Nature is amazing!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
They do look similiar. The Hummingbird moths are much larger.
Maybe I will get lucky and have one of each soon I could do a comparison and contrast post.
I bet you have the Snowberry Clearwings too.
They are pretty!

Q said...

Dear Mary, and white striped??? There are lots of different Sphinx moths. I think they all beautiful.
My health has been restored! I am feeling very, very good.
I hope to do a post soon over on Ayurveda Way. Good health is a gift and a blessing not only in the backyard but in one's own body.
Thank you for your friendship.
Your support means the world to me.
Miss you too. Hope one of these days we can sit and sip lemon water in our big floppy sun hats and watch the Hummingbirds.
Rest when you can.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I know what you mean. I planted a hedge of Spice bushes for the Spice Bush Swallowtails. The hedge is in a spot we cannot see very well unless we are walking around the yard! I cannot even see it from a window! Hope the Swallowtails find it and lay their eggs.
The gardens are all about the bugs and the birds. Maybe you will get a glimps of the Clearwings, they are pretty.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
We are connected!!!
I think my job is to watch the birds and the bugs!!! Nothing does get done at my house.
The weeding will have to wait I guess until the bugs are sleeping. Maybe I could weed by the light of the full moon! That sounds romantic.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Yes! The butterfly bushes are Buddleia. They also are called, "Summer Lilac". The butterflies do love the blooms. I have four of these bushes and would love to do another ten or twenty!!! Lots of great food for the bugs from the first of July until frost.

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Thanks dear heart!

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
These are lovely bugs!
I am looking around my yard to see if I can find a few spots for more butterfly bushes! I love having them near the deck so I can watch the Clearwings and the butterflies from my steamer chair. I have seen the Hummers getting tiny bugs (maybe spiders) from the butterfly bushes. I think they are pretty bushes and I read the flowers are long lasting cut. Maybe if I ever felt as if I had enough flowers for the butterflies I would cut one for my desk!

Q said...

Dear Anna,
Your roses are beautiful too!
Your Buddleia will bloom soon I bet. Wonderful food for the butterflies. I do not know if the Clearwings come as far north as Canada. I will see if there is a range map in my book.
These are pretty bugs!
If I close my eyes I can smell your sweet roses.

Q said...

Dear icqb,
Moths are very varied. The Sphinx Moths are beautiful as are the Hawk moths. I keep hoping I will see a Luna Moth. Fantastic moths!

cyndy said...

Wonderful images of the the Clearwing! I am always happy to see them in the garden, they help out with the pollination!

Wendy said...

Loved the pics. And that hummingbird clearwing is cute!

Anonymous said...

I've never imagined there can be so beautiful moths! Thanks to your post now I know it! Great captures!

Q said...

Dear Cyndy,
I also love seeing them. I think they are beautiful bugs.
The Butterfly bush attracts them too.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I thibnk the Clearwings are incredible. I love to watch them.
I am smitten with bugs,

Q said...

Dear Aluajala,
I hope more of the beauties cme to my backyard this year. The moth world has these gorgeous silk moths...oh my they are very lovely and the Luna Moth is exquisite.

ICQB said...

Hi Sherry,

There is an old farm house nearby which has been restored by a historical group. They have a period garden which my husband and I went to look at on a walk this evening. I saw a snowberry clearing on some flowers and said, "Look, that's a moth. It's a snowberry clearwing."

"Wow!" my husband said. "It really is a moth! I thought it was just a bumble bee."

Thanks to you my husband thinks I'm sooo smart!

Q said...

Dear ICQB,
I was so happy to read your comment! One of my blogging goals is to introduce the beautiful bugs in my backyard so others see and recognizie them in their backyards.
I keep thinking people will see how beautiful the bug world is they will stop killing the bugs! We need the bugs, all of them!!!
You are smart! There is so much to learn too!
I went to the library and checked out 8 books about bugs in the garden. LOL
Birds like bugs too.
Happy Bugging,