Monday, September 01, 2008


These are a few of the Dragonflies
my husband photographed while we were on safari.

This small Dragonfly is not even an inch across.
I think it is a male Eastern Amberwing.

I am so pleased to have these pictures.

This darling is a male Ruby Meadowhawk.
He is approximately 1.3" across.

This Damselfly is a Clubtail.
They are shy and hard to identify.

I hope to spend a little bit of time each evening with our photos from our weekend trip.
As I learn who is who I will introduce them to you.
The world of the Dragonfly is a fantastic, ancient world.
It will be fun to travel in this world together.
Happy September.


Cheryl said...

All are beautiful Sherry but the little Amberwing is special....I love this dragonfly...he is a work of art......tku for sharing....

The dragonfly is a wonderful creature.....I sat in the garden Sunday evening and watched the swallows come down to feed......there were several dragonflys, the swallows were chasing was like watching a beautiful ballet, I sat totally entranced......the swallows did not catch them....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hello Sherry, These are great photos. I am just thinking about how hot it was when you and your husband were taking these fantastic photos. Great job under difficult conditions.

I have never seen a club tail. The amberwing is sweet. I didn't realize they were so small.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
The little Amberwing is fantastic!
Hard to get a picture too. There are so many different Dragonflies and Damselflies I may want to start a seperate blog just to keep them organized!
Maybe next year...
I loved your Dradonfly and Swallow story. Dragonflies do make tasty treats! We had a Dragonfly convention last night in our backyard too. They were feeding on mosquitoes. They are so beautiful.
I too think watching is like watching a beautiful ballet.
Mother Nature is the best entertainment.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you. My husband did a great job getting these. It was very, very hot! When we stopped for a snow cone I was amazed at how hot I was. When I am taking pictures of the birds and bugs I quickly forget all about my creature comforts.
I shall post some of my pictures this afternoon.

ICQB said...

My son took a picture of a dragonfly (or maybe it was a damselfly?) yesterday while my family was bog walking. I thought about you when I saw it. I put it on my blog.

Q said...

Dear ICQB,
I am honored! Thank you for thinking of me. I shall pop right over and take a peek. We do not have bogs in my area, that I know of. Now I want to go find a bog and see all of its marvels...
Mother Nature is amzing!!

Sheila said...

These are beautiful, and photographed so well. There are so many varieties aren't there.

Anonymous said...

The amberwing looks like it was blown from glass. Glad to see you had a good weekend.

Q said...

Dear Shelia,
There are so many different Dragonflies and Damselflies that I do think keeping a list would be fun. I also think it would be wonderful to see how many pictures of them we could take. Often in the winter I get blue, maybe doing up the Dragonflies and starting an intense study would distract me and keep me smiling until Spring!

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I had so much fun! The two places we visited were as different as can garden is man made, and man did a fantastic job! The other is a natural habitat and it is also stunning! Bugs did not seem to care, man made or nature made...I did notice out in the wild there were no gift shops or bathrooms!

kkryno said...

Gosh, these are so cute and delicate. They all seem to have such personality and vibrance.
I could get lost in the reflecting pool. When I move back south, I'd like to create a small one for meditation. Thanks and mugh love.

Vikki ;)

kkryno said...

Um: that's MUCH love. Oops.

Love, Vikki

Wendy said...

Beautiful pics, Sherry. Your dragonflies look as if you've just popped in for a cup of tea with them. Well, I mean, as if they've invited you into their space.
Lucky you!

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
The Dragonflies do have personality! I also love the way they perch...
Having a reflecting pool in the backyard would be nice. My little pond is more like a big bird bath.
Getting to know the Dragonflies is very fun. I also think they are beautiful bugs.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
There were crowds of people all around and I do not think very many even saw the Dragonflies! I was fascinated by them.
Being in their world is amazing. I bring the tea and cakes.