Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Safari

We went to the clover meadow
with our kites.

They danced together in the wind.

We left the meadow and took a hike in the woods.
A Tiger Beetle took short hops and runs
as we walked the worn path.

They are swift hunters and benefical predators.

I watched a Lady Beetle shed her shell.
A Candy Striped Leafhooper was so brightly colored
I gasped in amazment.

The Blue Bottle Fly looks scary!

The Black Wasp is beautiful.

There are many varieties of Plant Bugs.

This one is a Tarnished Plant Bug.

The Lacewings are lovely.
I think her face is gorgeous.

A Tree Cricket greeted me on my miniature rose bush.
The fireflies are flying at dusk.
Tonight I will watch them as the Full Strawberry Moon rises.

Happy Sunday Safari.


kkryno said...

What a beautiful afternoon!

I'm making ready to enjoy what's left of our week-end.

Enjoy your Sunday, Sherry.

Love, Vikki.

Deb said...

The candy striped leafhopper looks like a little kite :-) How incredibly gorgeous are the bugs you have captured today for your Sunday Safari!

Rose said...

My goodness, Sherry, you have the most beautiful insects! I have never seen a candy-striped leafhopper before; it almost looks like a piece of candy.

I know the monarchs were not part of your safari today, but I so enjoyed seeing them. I didn't know they appeared this early in the season. I can only hope my butterfly weeds grow as beautiful as yours someday.

ShySongbird said...

I enjoyed going on safari with you again Sherry, the photos of your insects are beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....pretty pretty very summer.....

Now that is what I call a safari....a beautiful selection of bees and bugs. The ladybird is a wonderful capture.....I have never seen this, only read about it.

The colours are lovely to think of them working in the woods.....a mini ecosystem, that you captured beautifully....

Have a happy week......

Jayne said...

Oh my! That leafhopper is amazing!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh my gosh Sherry. You have outdone yourself this time. I am amazed at all the beautiful bug photos. The lady beetle shedding is amazing. I have never seen this. Oh..and the kites look like fun too. Kites + Clover = fond memories of my Dad. Thanks for the memory.

Wendy said...

What beautiful shots! I've never seen a ladybug shed her shell. Whatever for? Will have to research this. That leafhooper is awesome! So colourful.
Ooooo - you have lots and lots of nice-looking bugs today! I love to watch the fireflies too, but it's not hot enough here for them yet.
Happy Strawberry Moon. Isn't June wonderful?

Dawn Fine said...

OMGoodness these photos are amazing..I wish I can click on them to make them bigger.
these bugs are amazing jewels!
U watched a lady beetle shed it shell? wow..

Anonymous said...

What wonderful colours on those insects. I could stare at them all day looking at all of the different shades of that blue, orange, and green one.

Naturegirl said...

These photos are amazing!
I can't decide which makes my heart sing more!
Such unique bugs..and what a gift to be there at the time that Ms. Lady shed her skin!!I did not know that happened!!
Oh to take a walk with you in person..perhaps one day..I always say .."never say never"
Thank you for sharing your world of bugs with us!

marmee said...

wow oh wow, your bugs are gorgeous. just getting back and settled in sort of. i have missed many posts but always a pleasure to visit you. i brought back some milkweed that i need to get in the ground...i know the butterflies love it.

Mel said...

Hola Sherry!
Your Safaris are so exciting!! You get to see and photograph the most exciting creatures.
I've never seen these beauties so close! And that grasshopper is stunning!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Oh, you have captured such incredible beauty in the insects... I love them all!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Oh, my!
That Lacewing is beautiful.
You find such a variety of beauty on your safari--wonderful!

Chrissie said...

Really interesting and informative post Sherry! Although we call them Lady Birds, I have never seen one shed its skin, that's an amazing photo.

Marvin said...

With all those beautiful bugs to photograph, I don't know how y'all found time to fly kites. :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed catching up on your posts. I need to get over to see how "my" ladybugs are doing. I have noticed some have shed their pupa skin. Your ladybug photo was helpful for me to see what they look like when they are ready to be adults.

Tammie Lee said...

I am so happy that I am going back in time as far as your posts are dated. You have such wonderful images to share!