Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Safari

We drove 100 miles to visit the Tall Grass Prairie
in southern Missouri.
We walked in the prairie.

White-Lined Sphinx Moths,

Snowberry Clearwings,

Spicebush Swallowtails,

Orange Sulphers, male and females,

female Regal Fritillaries

walked with us.

An Assassin Bug caught my eye.

The Dickcissels chatted and hunted bugs as we walked.

Scissor-tailed Flycathers kept the flies at bay.

We visited two Prairies that are under restoration.

Both were unmarked.

Both were on gravel roads out in the countryside.

We were hunting for bugs and birds in the prairie.

I hope to see a Greater Prairie -Chicken and a Pink Katydid.

We have many Prairies still to visit this summer.

Happy Sunday Safari!


Randy Emmitt said...

Great to find Regal Fritillaries on the Gay Feather!!! I found them once on the way westward by chance. Loved the flycatcher photo too.

Sunita Mohan said...

What a lovely time you must've had! Well worth the 100 miles it took you.We dont have any prairies here but the wealth of animal and bird life there makes me wish we did.

Cheryl said...

Dear this not how things should be. For me to walk such places and hear nature buzzing and singing is worth more than cannot be compared.

The photographs are beautiful....I do so love the clearwings. We have them here, I have never seen day...

We both seem to have had a wonderful day........happy hunting my friend.....a beautiful post....

easygardener said...

The pictures are all lovely but the Assassin bug in particular caught my eye. Se well named - like something out of a Terminator film!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a great Safari. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher is one of my favorite birds. Don't they look elegant with those long tails?? That Lined Sphinx Moth is a beauty too. Well, all pictured here is beautiful. Wasn't it just the perfect day to be out and about??!! Glad you took us with you.

Rose said...

I feel as though you've transported me back 150 years, Sherry, to the way things once were in the Midwest. I'm so glad there are places like this to visit--this is beautiful! I always enjoy seeing the detail in your photos--the assassin bug looks like a mini stegosaurus:) And it's so good to see some different butterflies!

Terry said...

As always your photos are fantastic! Thanks for sharing them! :0)

Judy said...

Great photos, as usual, Sherry! I love the assassin bug. Such an odd shape, and an odd name. I am going to guess that there is a reason for his name.

Marimoy said...

I want to visit. That is the end of it! lol :oD

Anonymous said...

Thank you to introducing me to the assassin bug. Fascinating stuff.

Wendy said...

oh, your pics are so clear! I love the scissortail - he looks so elegant. And the butterflies are so pretty. I don't much like the looks of the assassin - but I'm sure he's got a job to do too!

You must have had a nice day - in the praries. I'm glad there are restoration programs underway.

Jayne said...

OK Sherry, I was mesmerized until I came to the Assassin Bug... YIKES!!! :c)

Naturegirl said...

Sherry! What a wonderful visit I've had with your bugs blooms and birds! Some I've never seen or heard of!You certainly have been one with nature taking such awesome photos!
I am always in awe at your photgraphy! Wed. I find out results of last test. fingers crossed.

Dawn Fine said...

Wow! What amazing finds! I must check out your corner of the world..sounds wonderful!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

The assassin bug caught my eye too! Your over there, mine over here on your blog :)

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