Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tiger in the Mimosa

I saw the Tiger Swallowtail
high in the Mimosa Tree.

The birds planted this tree years ago.
When it is in bloom my world turns into the tropics.

It is hot and humid.
I forgot all about being hot.

For over twenty minutes
I watched this female Tiger in her yellow form.
I had plenty of time to work with my camera and the light.
I had plenty of time to be the photographer.

She rested for a minute on the Tiger Lilies.
The deer have eaten some of the buds before they have bloomed.

She had a few more sips of Mimosa nectar before
taking off.

Thank you Tiger!
You are a most lovely subject to photograph!


Deb said...

I loved this post today Sherry. We have had a Tiger Swallowtail passing through our garden for a few weeks now ~ moving too quickly for me to get my camera in time. Yesterday, I decided to just enjoy watching her instead of running inside for my camera! Your photos are just beautiful!

Karyn said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos of the Tiger Swallowtail! For some reason, I'm not seeing many Swallowtails here right now.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I hope you get a chance to see...and photograph some Diana Fritillaries.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry you must be careful with all those Tigers roaming your neighborhood looking for something to eat. ;) What great photos. Mimosa is one of my favorite trees. I have yet to get one to grow here.

Randy Emmitt said...


Very lovely set of photos! Before we bulldozed our mimosas we could find 8-10 swallowtails up there in the flowers. But the mimosa takes seed everywhere in the garden and edges, it is quite the pest here. We bulldozed oursbecause of the addition we were building, some had 8 inch trunks.

Joy said...

What beautiful photographs. The airiness of the last image with flowers and swallowtail is enchanting.

marmee said...

so beautiful...i love the last is gorgeous and ethereal.

Judy said...

My favourite is the last photo, with both the flowers (so exotic!!) and the tiger in focus!