Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Safari

It was 55 degrees this morning,
unseasonably cool!
We waited until mid morning to go hunting for bugs.
We hiked in a wooded area with a stream and a mixed grass Prairie.

The Monarchs are mating.
There is still time before migration.

Purple Cone flowers are an important nectar source for many bugs.
Eastern Tailed Blues look so cute on the big cone flower head.

I am slowly learning my Wildflowers.

This is a tall Bellflower in a purple color rather than blue.
The Bellflowers grow in moist thickets and woods.
The Sweat Bees enjoyed these.

Many Daddy Longlegs were out hunting in the woods.
I watched one catch a small worm.

This sheetweb weaver is beautiful as is her web.

My Field Guide calls this spider a "Bowl and Doily Spider."

The insects in the woods are different than the ones in the Prairie.

Slowly I am learning all of their names.

This is a Metallic Woodborer, Cypriacis Fasciata.

I cannot find this fly in my guide book.

With over 350 species of Deer Flies it is difficult for one book to have all the insects.

I shall send a photograph to Bug Guide.

It is a wonderful resource.

Editor's update.....Bug Guide once again helped...

Fruit Fly, Paracantha Gentilis

Although it was cool this morning it is still Summer.
I expect temperatures to soar next week.

The break from the heat has been a gift!

We had a fun Sunday Safari.


Randy Emmitt said...

Enjoyed these photos the beetle is something I've not seen. We had several Daddy Long-legs molt on the window screens, one morning I watched it leave behind the former exoskeleton.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Not all of the pictures are showing up for me. I'll have to check back later to look again. Your pictures are amazing! I love your bug adventures!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I always enjoy Sunday Safari. I have never seen Monarchs mating, or maybe I have, and didn't realize it until now :) Interesting as always. That last fly is really a pretty one (can flies be pretty? that one is!). Thanks for sharing! -Tammy

Cheryl said...

Good morning Sherry.....glad you had a lovely morning...

The monarchs are beautiful....they always make me think of stain glass windows....their wings are lovely...

The fly is unusual...the wings have amazing detail....

The coneflowers are wonderful for insects. I am so pleased that mine have returned....I shall keep them even though they are non native, I really love them....

Have a good week......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fablous photos Sherry. I hope you tell us what that unusual fly is when Bug Guide tells you. It is so pretty with the design on its wing. We saw several Monarchs when we were out this weekend too.

ShySongbird said...

A wonderful safari again Sherry, like Cheryl their markings remind me of stained glass, lovely creatures. I am also struck by your beautiful wild flowers, so many of which we grow in our gardens here. I'm glad you have had some respite from the heat, have a lovely week.

Rose said...

That last photo of the fly is absolutely amazing, Sherry! Such detail! But I do prefer the butterflies, and you don't seem to have a shortage of them. The sheetweb spider is very interesting; I would imagine it is very neat and tidy with a name like "Bowl and Doily":) I always enjoy sharing your safari adventures with you.

kkryno said...

Hello, Sherry. Sorry I've been so scarce, but we've had guests since May and some will remain through October.

What a lovely safari, as always.

Love, Vikki.

Marimoy said...

awesome display of macrophotography. Thanks!

Juliet said...

I do like that pretty fruit fly. But even more I like the photo of the bee on the orange flower in your previous post - stunning :-D

Anonymous said...

That bug . . . oh that bug is just beautiful!
I love seeing the world through your eyes Sherry.

Yes we have catching up to do.
Love and Namaste'

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You took some amazing photos on your adventure! We walked last night and I need to get the wildflower ID books out! So many things in bloom right now!

Wendy said...

What a fun safari! You have such an unusual collection of bugs to show us! Identifying that fly as a fruit fly was a surprise. He looks so elegant!

I also love to take pics of spiders at work. Their creations are so intricate. And the spiders themselves show such a variation from each other.

sweetbay said...

Gorgeous photos!

anthonynorth said...

There were some spectacular photos there. Most enjoyable.