Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Safari

The sky is gray today.

I sat on the deck wrapped in my blanket.

The male Northern Cardinals are bright and cheerful.

There are many pairs that call our backyard home.
I sit quietly.

The Cardinals come to the deck for seed and suet.

A pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches are coming for suet too.
They are tiny birds, only 4 1/2 inches from beak to tail tip!
They have a cute little call sounding like a tiny tin horn.
The female Cardinal comes very near.
She is not afraid of me.
Geese fly over the house.
Their honking is a welcomed sound.

I am reading and thinking.

I am planning a healing journey.

Happy Sunday Safari.


kml said...

Beautiful! Hope your weekend went well!

Anonymous said...

The Red Cardinals look so beautiful next to the gray green foliage and the little nuthatch and the gray cloudy sky in the background. Do you have button on your camera you click for perfect backgrounds? LOL
Gorgeous photos as always.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lots of fun sitting out there with those birdies. They are gorgeous one and all.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Your photographs reveal how much you love the birds....and the birds love you!! Love that 4th shot.

Happy healing journey.

Rose said...

It's lovely to see all these bird close-up here without having to use my binoculars, Sherry. The cardinals are my favorite, perhaps because they are ones I can always identify:) But I also enjoy them because of the loving relationship the couples seem to have. I wish you well on your healing journey.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you learn some things from the book that will help. I know it's a hard time and my heart goes out to you. Beautiful cardinals...picture perfect!

Tammie Lee said...

you have so many lovely friends!
wishing you grace with your healing journey. xo

marmee said...

i love the cardinals at this time of year against such a grey backdrop...they pop. we too are having many visit and pairing up..such great fun to watch.
your photos give us all such a wonderful chance to study the nuances of our bird friends...thanks for sharing them.
my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Amy said...

I especially like the nuthatches; never have I seen such a clear image of one before!

The dogwood buds will open in a few short months - renewal, rebirth. Again, thoughts and prayers are with you.

Judy said...

I love the photos of the cardinals, Sherry! My favourite is the one with the two males. I think the closer one has such an interesting expression in his eyes!
Glad to see the geese are still in your neck of the woods! They have left Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry, your cardinals look gorgeous! I've never seen them in real life but they look awesome on the pictures especially on your photos. As far as I know they are staying with you for all winter - lucky birdies will not suffer from hunger on your yard and it is a joy to have such colorful guys around.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, The Cardinals are so beautiful. I love it when you post a photograph of them. They look so exotic with their bright plumage.

The little Nuthatch is very similar to ours. I have seen them here but have never captured them with my camera.

The book looks fascinating. I am sure your journey will be one of improving health and strength........

Jules and Ken said...

What a beautiful photo of the Nuthatch, the redbreasted is still unchecked on my bird list.
Hope, things are going well with your sister.
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Beverley Baird said...

What beautiful photos of the birds! I loved looking at them. Thanks for sharing!

Maia T said...

Your bird photos are amazing, I especially like the colorful Cardinals, because I've never seen one in life.
How lovely company you have in your background. Thanks for sharing these perfect close-ups.
Hope your healing journey will have wonderful results.

Vetsy said...

Q, I love your bird photos. I have a cardinal family that nest in my yard every year I wished I had photos of them to share with you. I need to upgrade my camera so that I can get some wonderful photos like yours of birds up close.

I love bird watching all year long and last winter put out a suet and attracted both the Redbrested and White brested nuthatch.

sweetbay said...

I always enjoy seeing your bird photographs, they are so beautiful. Cardinals are indeed a very bright spot of color in a dreary winter landscape!

Barb said...

I came to visit you from Spirithelpers. Your photography is gorgeous. I love Cardinals which we don't have here in the high mountains of CO. Good Luck on your Journey...

Naturegirl said...

So that's the secret in getting such wonderful images of our feathered friends in such ((cold))
temps. I sit indoors and shoot through the window but the photos are not that clear..I adore the cardinals..can't decide if I love them or the blue Jays..they bring such color to the otherwise barren garden!
Oh that book looks very intersting!