Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Safari

                                                Today is
                                      "Day Out of Time".

I am celebrating!

Once again I commit to
living in harmony.

I am reflecting,
 thinking, writing 

                                         and planning.

I am reading and reading
and reading some more.

I am finding ways I can help to heal
our wounded Earth.

The female
 Tiger Swallowtail,
in her black dress,

is my favorite of all the butterflies.

Two lovely females

came to the butterfly bush.

If I was to be a butterfly
I would want to be a female
Tiger Swallowtail,
in a black dress.

The Buckeye is my husband's favorite.

I go to the gardens
and cut my mint for my evening tea.
These are butterfly days.

Tonight we will walk at moon rise.
We will walk under the Full Buck Moon.

Today I celebrate.
Happy Day out of Time.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Amy said...

Another very beautiful post Sherry! Those Swallowtail photos are very special and the Navajo prayer goes so well with the rest of your post.

Sorry I haven't been around lately - I've been traveling and trying to stay cool.

Deb said...

Your Sunday Safari posts are always so inspirational Sherry! I was planning on writing a "reading post" too but Ernie is asleep at my feet and I would have to leave the room to take photos of books - so instead of disturbing him, I decided to catch up on my blog reading :-)Isn't the Tiger Swallowtail gorgeous!
Enjoy your mint tea ♥

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post!!
Great pictures,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The moon was glorious last night. I know you enjoyed your walk. It was half way decent out last evening. You find the most interesting books.

Rose said...

Interesting info on Day out of Time, Sherry; I clicked the link to find out what it was all about. Modern man could learn so much from the ancient wisdom of Native Americans' teachings.

These are indeed "butterfly days." I had a few swallowtails visit me yesterday as well as several other species that haven't been around all summer. And best of all, I have black swallowtail caterpillars on my fennel--my 7-year-old granddaughter spotted them first. She is my little earth princess, and we are enjoying nature's wonders together.

Hope it has cooled off for you, too.

Barb said...

Hi Sherry, I think YOU are a favorite of the butterflies! They seem to be posing for you - lovely photos.

Judy said...

You have such patience, photographing the butterflies! Thank you for showing them to those of us who are moving too quickly!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The full moon road over my shoulder last night as I drove home.

Your butterflies are beautiful. I haven't seen a black tiger female or if I did see one, I thought it was an eastern black. I'm studying the difference so as not to be confused.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, it is indeed butterfly days. My garden is full of them, in fact I do not thing I have ever had so many.
I must be doing something right!

Your butterflies are exquisite, they are all beautiful, even the white. I have a soft spot for the white, they are often overlooked, laking in colour. I love the way they drift around my garden in huge numbers, surely eden had white butterflies?

The Navajo prayer is one of my favourites.....

As always a beautiful safari.......

I had the grand-children yesterday and today....I am a little tired.......

Wendy said...

Lovely butterflies. Interesting that your husband likes the buckeye best. I think it was a buckeye that came to visit me a day or two after David had died. I was crying and looked up to see the butterfly sitting quietly on the chair right next to me.

Lovely post.