Monday, November 15, 2010

Gulf Fritillary

When we opened the garage door

much to my surprise

a Gulf Fritillary was feeding in the marigolds.

A rare stray into my area. I have never seen one before in my gardens. Only in Texas have I seen them. A very good omen! There is room in the back seat if she would like a ride.
We are leaving in the morning.

The female Yellow-shafted Flicker
showed her tail feathers!

There were four Flickers this afternoon.
The dogwood is almost empty of berries.

I will have to get right back home
I never know who will come into the gardens.


Barb said...

You have some magical guests at this time of year, Q. Do you have your cowgirl boots packed? You might need them.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a thrill to see a Gulf Fritillary in your own garden. It must have been brought there by the SW winds. A lovely migrant indeed. Have fun in TX. I can't wait to see the photos you take and hear your stories. The flickers are my very favorites you know. Don't you just love those tail feathers. Bon Voyage.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, the Gulf Fritillary is beautiful. I love the autumn colours, it blends so beautifully with the marigolds. Mine are long gone....the rain and frost has put an end to their displays. I did, however, manage to collect seeds.

YOur images of the flickers are amazing. Stunning birds.

Have a fun trip, will be thinking of your.

Judy said...

That fritillary is so vibrant and beautiful!! And I love the tail feathers of the flicker!! I did not get any idea how long her bill was till she opened it to reach for another berry!

Juliet said...

That is one gorgeous butterfly - another new one to me - and I love the Flicker's fancy tail feathers too :-D

Have a lovely trip!

ShySongbird said...

How special to have a visitor from Texas Sherry, perhaps she came with a formal invitation for you :) The Flicker photos are just beautiful, just amazing looking birds!

I do hope that pretty little all grown up cowgirl has a wonderful time in Texas :)

Rose said...

How exciting to see the Gulf Fritillary in your garden, Sherry. I hope you'll give him a ride back to Texas. Enjoy your trip!

sweetbay said...

You are outdoing yourself with these pictures. :) Gorgeous.