Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cow Girl Museum

We had a turn key trip
to Fort Worth, Texas.

Just 48 hours away from home.

This was a destination outing to the
National Cowgirl museum and Hall of Fame.
We learned lots and had much fun
visiting this world class museum.

I have been inspired.

I learned to know the
"American Cowgirl
by her heart".

We drove 8 1/2 hours Tuesday

and stayed in downtown Fort Worth.

I did some shopping.

Mostly just looking at boots and hats
 and taking notes.

I am learning
about western wear.

 Annie Oakley has always been my
favorite cowgirl.

The weather was warm and windy on Wednesday.
After 3 1/2 hours in the museum we were
ready to be outdoors.

We went to the botanical gardens.

We like to be outside with the
bees and butterflies.

I am a straight shooter.

I shoot with my camera.

We walked the gardens looking for bugs

and birds.

We walked in the gardens for two hours.

Fort Worth Texas is south,
550 miles, from my house.

The leaves were just beginning to fall.

We began walking back to our car.
We began saying our goodbyes.
It was time to head back home.

Fort Worth, Texas
has given me a great gift.

I know, just like the Cowgirls in the
Hall of Fame, I can accomplish
anything I set out to do

as long as I am true to myself.

I belong to a sisterhood
of Cowgirls, strong women
who have the, "can do" spirit.

I am a Cowgirl in moccasins
with a camera on her hip.


Barb said...

Yes, Q, I've always suspected you are a cowgirl at heart. The Gingko photo is wonderful.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Lovely photos & post, as always. I miss Dallas/Fort Worth. We visited several times during the two years that our son lived there. Glad to have him back here in MO... but I miss the great state of TX too ;) Thanks for sharing your trip! -Tammy

Randy Emmitt said...

That is a long day trip! Looks like you have a blast!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are a straight shooter Sherry. We all benefit that you are so accurate too. That stop-frame photo of the butterfly with its wings in motion is great. I also like the dragonfly with the blue eyes. Wow. It looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to see you in your boots and hat.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, you seem to have enjoyed your trip. I am so pleased that you have found the cowgirl in you.
I remember Annie Oakley from my childhood.

Gingko is one of my favourite trees. We had one in the garden but sadly it died. The leaves are just so exquisite....your photographs show it's beauty well.

I am excited to see your purchases....the style will suit you for sure.
I also know that you can achieve anything you want to.....that is the nature of the woman.

Wonderful to see the bees butterflies and birds. I miss the bees very much, your images brought a smile to my face, tku.

Have a fun weekend.....

Rose said...

Ah, Sherry, I love the image of you as a "straightshooter" with a camera on your hip:) You're on a par with any of these cowgirls because you hit a bullseye every time with your lens. Looks like a fun trip, especially with a botanical garden conveniently nearby. Now, I want to see the boots you bought!