Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Safari

As we approached the sand ford of the Meramec River
we saw three Bald Eagles perched in the Sycamore trees.
A good omen.

The Caverns are amazing.
I am continuously awed by the work of Mother Nature.

Caves are cool. This one is a constant 60 degrees,
warm for Missouri winters and refreshing in summer.
A shallow river runs through this cavern
making for majestic  reflections.

Over 100,000 visitors
walk this 1 1/2 hour tour each year.

When we visited last week it was just
 the two of us and our tour guide.

Wonderful ratio for photographers.

Using daylight fill in
I was able to get some nice macros.

My husband used a monopod and a wide angle lens
 to get some of the sweeping cavern vistas.
This curtain is world renown.

The Eagles were still perched up
when we came out to our car.
This intimate experience has wetted
my appetite for spelunking.

Missouri has many Show Caves
to keep me busy too.

On the way home from the Caverns
I began running a fever.

I am able to control the fever with aspirin.
I am listening to healing music.

I have my books,
my spinning and knitting
and the birds to keep me occupied.

I am staying inside,
studying the dust on the windowsills.

I am reviewing the print material I picked up 
from the Missouri Botanical Library.

I may order a few prints.

I do hope I am on the mend soon.
Happy Sunday safari.
I hope you and yours are well.


Tammie Lee said...

I hope you feel better soon!
You have shared wonderful majesty with us, thank you for all this beauty. sending you light.

sweetbay said...

Both the caverns and the eagles are magnificent. I hope you feel better soon.

Cathy said...

Poor Sherry, she has come down with a cold. Well it's the wild life you're lead finally catching up to you ;)

Glad you had a good time at the carvens

Randy Emmitt said...


Get well will ya! Wow great eagle photos! I think I visited this place when I was a kid.

David said...

Hi Q,
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I just scrolled through about two weeks of entries and really enjoyed your book selection. I'm a botanist at heart so that wonderful selection of books was a great find. I'd get lost in those books as well.
I also love butterflies and also like looking at dust.
We have a lot in common.
Take care and hope you feel better soon.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

ShySongbird said...

I hope you feel much better soon Sherry!

The caves looked so impressive, wonderful photos of them too.

Of course it is the Bald Eagle that draws my attention the most, a really stunning creature!

If you would like some English dust to study you are quite welcome to mine, you would have to come and collect it yourself though ;)

Cheryl said...

The caverns are amazing. I love the atmosphere of enclosed spaces. Your photography does you credit, the detail is wonderful.

The eagles are so majestic, wonderful to see them.

I hope you are feeling much better soon. Sending you healing thoughts.

Rose said...

The caverns are indeed awesome, and you got some marvelous photos. But I am in total awe of the eagles--how exciting to see them in the wild.

I really should check out this book on "The Secret Life of Dust"--I have a wealth of raw material in my house I could study:)

I hope you're on the mend soon, Sherry! It seems to be that time of year when germs run rampant.