Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Safari

The light was fading when I returned from walking.
The days seem short and the nights long.
It is still cold with snow on the ground.
I have been reading about garnishes.
I am learning how to make tomato roses and pear fans.

I like the idea of a finishing touch in a wabi sabi sort of way.

I am staying warm listening to music
and doing simple handiwork.

We have a short trip planned for next week.
Just a few days in St. Louis, Missouri.

I am studying the mint family in 2011
and the Botanical Library in
St. Louis has 16th century botanicals.

I like the idea of visiting libraries when I travel.
I like the idea of spending time with old herbals.
There also is a butterfly house I plan on visiting.

While walking indoors this past week,
 I have been listening to a book on cd,
 Cahokia, Ancient America's
Great City on the Mississippi.

I remember when we visited
this World Heritage site.

I remember the feelings I had
as I learned of these ancient peoples.

I am not planning on stopping at Cahokia this time.
I hope to go with friends this Spring.
I talk about the importance of Cahokia
and these American Indians of the 10th century.
 My best friend and her husband want to learn more.

I will be staying west of Cahokia,
in St. Louis, Missouri, this time.

I will look towards the mounds
and think about Bird Man
and the people who once walked
and lived on these grounds.
At one time St. Louis, Missouri,
 was part of the ancient city of Cahokia.

Each of us has a story.
We tell our stories to our friends
and our children.

Sometimes we tell our stories
through our art.

I am fascinated with the way
different cultures add the finishing touches

to their table

and their homes.

My story is a story of birds
and butterflies.

My story is in the Missouri Region

in the Tallgrass Prairie.

It is here I have my roots.

We are studying caves in 2011,
and will be stopping at our first cave on our way home.

I will be bringing the cameras.

I enjoy other cultures

I honor their myths

and learn from their stories.

I need a change of scenery.
I need a break from my regular January days.

Like the crow flies I am heading east.

I shall tap on a different tree for a few days.
I shall add new finishing touches to my day.
I am living with sprinkles on the top!

Happy Full Wolf Moon on the 19th.
Happy MLK day.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My goodness you have been busy.
Ihad my first outdoors spider of the year Saturday. I took a picture of it. Amazing that it was out. I will post it later. Happy Sunday Safari. Have fun in St Louis.

Rose said...

Sherry, you always amaze me with all your different interests. I think that is one of the secrets to staying young--always seeking to learn new things. I visited both Cahokia and Meramec Caverns long ago as a girl. It would be fun to re-visit both of them again now. Enjoy your trip!