Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Safari

Hello Spring!
Yesterday's rain washed Winter away.
We went to the Medicine Wheel this afternoon.

I made my offering. Spring has come.
The cycle continues.

Daffodiles are blooming

as are the miniature iris.

The turtles were basking
as was the skink.
We saw very few bugs but I know they are waking up.
I always look for the Red Fox.
 This is one of the many sculptures at the gardens we visited
this afternoon.

They had lots of Tete-a-tete Daffodils in bloom.
So charming.  Mine are a few weeks away from bloom.
Seeing kites flying was very fun.
I am looking forward to flying kites.
Maybe this week.
We heard lots of frogs but never saw them!

It was a gorgeous first day of Spring.
Temperatures soared to 80 degrees.

On the way home we saw a King Fisher.

There is a new development near a small river
not far from our house.

I was surprised to see the Kingfisher so near the road.

When he flew into a wooded area I was pleased.

Loss of habitat is everywhere.
I hope he has good fishing this Spring.

I want to visit the Tall Grass Prairie soon.
I want to see Spring wildflowers.

Our pair of Mocking birds

are fun to watch.

The Forsythia is in full bud.

The crocus continue to bloom.

Sweet Spring has come.
We saw another bee this afternoon
 and a two butterflies.
Soon all manner of bees and butterflies will wing their way
into my gardens.
I am happy.
The bugs are returning.
I have missed them.

Happy Sunday Safari.
Happy Spring.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What great photos...birds and flowers are some of our favorite things to identify! We saw our first hummer yesterday here in Florida! We were so excited! Happy Spring! ♥

Tumblewords: said...

A beautiful post! The kingfisher is fascinating - I've never seen one. I cannot imagine how good warm must feel - more snow on the way here and the warmest day has been in the low 40's. I'm so anxious - even looking forward to the weeds that I have in abundance. Happy Sunday, Sherry!

Barb said...

It's wonderful to see your blooms and birds and turtles! I think you do finally have spring at your doorstep.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Spring did arrive beautifully yesterday. It was so cloudy here we didn't get to see that big moon. Boooo... We do have some flowers blooming, daffs,crocus etc. Your visit to the medicine wheel looked interesting. We had our first butterfly come through the garden yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. Happy Spring.

Deb said...

Happy Spring!
I love the photo of the sunning turtles :-)

ShySongbird said...

I am truly amazed that you have temperatures of 80 degrees! We think it is mild here in the 50s!! We won't see those temperatures until midsummer.

A really lovely Springtime safari Sherry with all the colourful blossoms and the beautiful birds.

Your Kingfisher is such different colouring to ours and ours is very elusive, I haven't seen one for some years despite looking in all the likely places.

The Mocking Birds are lovely and the Turtles and Skink delightful!

That Red Fox sculpure would look very nice in my garden ;)

A very happy and healthy Spring to you Sherry.

Anonymous said...


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Juliet said...

Happy spring, Sherry! It's been lovely here today too - but as Shy Songbird says, it's nothing like as warm as it is over there.

I love your turtle photo, and your kingfisher is beautiful, though surprisingly (given how brightly-coloured so many of your birds are) less colourful than our equivalent.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, the medicine wheel bought back such sweet memories......a time that will stay in my heart always. Tku.

The kingfisher is very beautiful.
How wonderful that you were able to get so close to him.
Loss of habitat always saddens homes are needed, but I always feel for the wildlife.

Did you get to see the moon last week.
It was a clear night here and I stood in the garden. The whole area was drenched in moonlight.
it was the most magical and amazing moment.

Happy safari my friend.........

Rose said...

And a very happy Spring to you, too, Sherry! What a delight to see the Kingfisher and the turtles. All of nature seems to be celebrating the rebirth of spring.

Karen Owen said...

I haven't visited in a while, and you are still posting such beautiful nature photos. Thanks for the uplifting images and thoughts!

Wendy said...

80 degrees for the first day of spring! Wow - no wonder everything is looking good. Lots of colour in your garden.

That little kingfisher looks so sweet. Too bad about the development. I always feel for the wildlife as they must be terrified by the sounds and upheaval of their homes.

Barbara said...

It was a pleasure to stroll through your posts again and see all the beautiful and catching pictures you made. Spring indeed is the most wonderful time of the year offering us all its little wonders of nature. Actually we already had a little taste of summer here with warm temperatures and everything in bloom.