Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Safari

The poppies are opening
as are the peonies
and iris.
The butterfly bush has blooms.
The chamomile is ready to harvest.
Baby bunny tried to get into the spinach but we have it protected this year. The bunnies can eat clover.
The spinach is for the humans.

A cold front has come in.
Too cold for bugs.

I sat out with the birds wrapped up in my blanket.

I wore my jacket, hat and gloves.
The wind is a fresh breeze out of the north with temperatures in the upper 40's, brrr....

The Cat birds are nesting.

This past week we had over an inch of rain

but the winds have dried up the bird baths.
I refilled them twice.
We have had 40 different species of birds in the gardens
 since May 1st.
Lots of males and females. Lots of babies.
I am studying and
making plans for our road trip.

I finished preparing for the workshop we are attending this week
on native pollinators.
Today is our son-in-love's birthday.
We sent a small gift.
We will celebrate his birthday with our daughter's
when we visit next month.

We have birthday wishes.

I have been doing some research on places to go
while in Portland, Oregon.
I am excited.

I am packing my book bag.
I want to see the birds, bugs and blooms of the
Pacific Northwest.

When we leave Portland we will head south.

We will visit our son and daughter- in- love.
They know all sorts of wonderful fossil places.

It is a long
Fossil Freeway we travel.
I hope to be home for summer solstice
unless we get involved in a dig!

Wish me luck!
Happy Sunday Safari.


Tumblewords: said...

So exciting to see your wonderful flowers! We finally have a few tiny green leaves. Strange weather. Weeks of rain and cold. Yesterday it was a sunny 80. Today, cold and rain. I lived in Portland for a brief time and loved it...know you'll enjoy the journey - wishing you a safe and heartwarming trip!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful flowers Sherry. The birds are busy in our garden too. I have jelly out for the orioles and not one bird has tried it. WHINE. Our birds are just too wild I guess. It is cold here too. I wonder if we will have a cool summer this year. Time will tell. Have a great time on your travels. I will look foward to seeing what all you share with us. I hope you find a fantastic fossil.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Sherry, my favourites are of course the birds ;) Forty different species since May 1st is incredible!! I think I need to come and camp out in your garden, don't be surprised if you find a squatter when you return from your travels ;)

We had some rain but the high winds dried it out too quickly, we need more!

I do hope you have a wonderful time and I know you will enjoy being with your family.

Travel safely Sherry...enjoy!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

I wish you luck always, with all that you do.

So many birds, wonderful to see, as they are so different to ours.
Your garden is a haven for wildlife, I am sure they find plenty of food amongst the shrubs and trees. I watched a blue tit today, take caterpillars from the pine tree to feed it's young. So lovely.

Please send some rain. I cannot believe how dry it is here.
The grass has huge cracks appearing.....I shall have to make sure Nella does not disappear down one!! Ha!

Love the baby rabbit. Glad it is your end and not mine though....

sweetbay said...

You take such wonderful bird photos. I love your iris!

Rose said...

The poppi and peony are gorgeous, Sherry! It's been cool here this week, too, but I was surprised to see my first hummingbird this week--I must hurry and get out their feeders so they know they're welcome to stay here for the summer.

Have fun in Portland! If you haven't visited the Japanese or Chinese gardens downtown, I'd definitely recommend both. Sounds like such a fun trip!

Blue bird said...

So The Pacific North West! I loved the place so much, that I was returning there again and again.
It was some time ago.
I wish you all the best, because you made a very good choice to make a trip there.
Julia/Blue bird :)
P.S. I admire your photos and your place is very kind to have those flowers at this time.:)

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Have just seen on the BBC News that very bad weather is crossing your area. I do hope that you and yours are all safe and well.....