Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Safari

I watered the marigolds this morning.
It is unseasonably warm and dry.
A cold front is coming our way for mid- week.
I hope it brings rain.
I planted the Marigold seed the 15th of August
hoping to have fresh blooms in October.

It has worked out.
I covered them when we had frost last week.
I have watered them.
Having food for the butterflies is nice.
We finished planting the bulbs.
I watered them in.
We will mulch the beds when we prepare them for winter.

I am concerned.
So far we have no acorns on the Pinoak.
Perhaps it has been too dry.
The White Pines are doing fine.
I see plenty of cones.
I shared my fig preserves with a little bee this morning.
 She was wanting my toast.
Today we welcome in Scorpius.
Happy Birthday to those born under this sign.
For me it is my Alchemist time.
I shall once again follow Deepak Chopra.

I am reading about alchemy.
"It is said that the attitude of the artist,
more than the process itself,
is what makes alchemy "The Divine Art."
We are gathering leaves.
We are mixing them with grass clippings.
We are making Black Gold.


Wendy said...

Yes these days are alchemy at its best. Pumpkins turning to gold, leaves turning scarlet, orange, and russet and on and on.

Strange, my oak trees are not producing the same amount of acorns as they usually do. I wonder what's going on?

The berry-producing trees and bushes seem to have a bumper crop this year. Is there any correlation?

I've never seen such a close-up of a bee! Wow! What a great shot!
Nice to plant marigolds in August. I wonder if it would work here. Probably not, we're too far north.

Sending some rain your way, Sherry.

Barb said...

I can't even imagine sowing seeds in Aug and having flowers in Oct! How wonderful. The bee on your toast made me smile. I had fig jam this morning, too - no bee, though.

Cathy said...

Photos are soo wonderful!! I have some bare trees here that I know are calling out for snowflakes to fall gracefully on them.

Dawn Fine said...

Beautiful photos ...Thanks for another Sunday Safari!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden will appreciate that black gold for sure. That first photo is inspiring me to do a painting. Such a pure photo. I can see every nuance of the butterfly and flower.

David said...

Beautiful safari this time around. I love the little hairstreaks, though I can't seem to photograph them before they end their dance.
Thanks for stopping by and the kind words about my dad.
Yes, he's very nice and nowadays 81 years old...and still building!
David/ :-)

Rose said...

The marigolds are lovely, Sherry! I do hope Lisa paints one of your photos; I would love to see that. Your garden will appreciate that black gold next season.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your blog...such beauty you share ;-)

marianne said...

Beautiful Pictures You take!
Got the link on Lisa's blog . She did an excellent painting on one of your pictures :)
happy Halloween!