Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunday Safari

The Question Mark butterfly over winters as an adult.

We had two Question Mark caterpillars in the house.

They made their chrysalis and emerged eight days later.

It has been an honor to watch the caterpillars feed.

It has been a gift to watch the chrysalis
and to witness the emergence of the butterfly.

We have seen many miracles these past few weeks
 as the butterflies prepare for winter and migration.

Our retreat time was also amazing.
I enjoyed one on one time with the butterflies.

We celebrated Autumn Equinox in a quiet way.

We said goodbye to the Hummingbirds.

We decorated our house and gardens.
Our October house is lovely.

We did some shopping.
We are honoring our inner artist.

We have made some changes this year.

Our gardens are magical gardens now they are
no longer haunted. The caterpillars taught me
all about magic. They taught me to be a good hostess.

We are following a Luna Astrology.

We are in
Butterfly Days.

The Ivy is beginning to turn to red.

The mums are in full bloom.

I have plugged back in.

It is October,
the Season of the Ancients.
I am looking forward to sharing these
magical days with you.
Happy Sunday Safari.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome back Q. Your photos are fantastic. The beauty of a brand new butterfly is perfection, beautifully presented. Happy fall.

kkryno said...

Such beauties, Sherry.

Butterflies are very theraputic and so graceful.

Thanks for sharing such lovely colors of the season!


Tumblewords: said...

Stunningly beautiful photography! I love to Safari through your eyes.

Dawn Fine said...

Absolutely Beautiful photos!

Barb said...

How amazing to be able to watch the butterflies both in the chrysalis and also emerging. Your photos are indeed magical. Happy fall to you and yours.

Randy Emmitt said...

Enjoyed this post, the photos are sweet, especially the Question Mark. I noticed the Silvery Checkerspot and Common Wood-Nymph are slightly different than the ones we have here in NC.

Tammie Lee said...

i feel it is such an honor for you to get to share time with all these beautiful creatures. plus you honor their beauty so well with your images. I loved seeing each and every one. lovely autumn to you!

ME said...

I am left speechless by the beauty you have put before me! Thank you.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Sharing time with the butteflies is good for the soul. Quiet time allows us to reflect, to see the paths that lie ahead and choose the route that is right for us.
To watch a butterfly emerge must be the most beautiful experience.

I walked the gardens at the villa while other had their siesta.
It was a most beautiful garden, full of jasmine, bouganvillea, hibiscus.....the palm trees gave me shelter. I saw hummingbird hawkmoths and many blue butterflies. Birds nested below our bedroom window. Paradise....

October is my mothers birth month.
It is special to me.......I intend to take her out in my little car and show her the trees turning. Natures colour palette at it's best.

Beautiful images, but then they always are :)

Happy Sunday safari.

Wendy said...

What lovely pics, Sherry. I love the butterflies. What an honour to watch the question mark transform into a butterfly!

Your retreat must have been so good for you. Welcome back!

I like celtic astrology and that book looks very interesting.
October is indeed a magical month. Happy Autumn

sweetbay said...

Love your shots of the butterflies, so beautiful. It's such a treat to see them.

Rose said...

Welcome back, Sherry! It is a good time for a little magic, and I think there must be some magic in your garden to have so many different butterflies visiting. I love the photo of the two together!

r4 said...

Your photos are fantastic. The beauty of a brand new butterfly is perfection, beautifully presented. And enjoyed lot in my first visit. I also took so many photographs of insects.


I love all your butterfly photos. Although we have hummingbirds year round, butterflies are a rarity which made viewing your photos all the nicer.