Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday Safari

After a couple of days of clouds and drizzle it was most
enjoyable to be outside in the sun.

We had a dusting of snow overnight.
It was melted by noon.
February has come in wet with temperatures more moderate
for this time of year.

I enjoy these end of winter days
 when I can be outside with the birds
and my books.
It is too early and too wet to be
working in the kitchen garden,

but it is the perfect time of year to plan.

Sapporo, Japan will host their snow sculpture
 festival beginning tomorrow.
I hope to see pictures.

I have inside gardening to tend to.
My bonsai needs attention.
I check the Black Swallowtail butterfly eggs
on the inside parsley a few times a day.
I do hope they "hatch".

My World War II study continues.
Today marks the 889th day.
 I am following a war diary on line
 and reading all sorts of books.

I am keeping a war journal.

I am learning my
I am understanding a wee bit more.

The mythology of Maat
is very interesting.
Her feather reminds me to walk lightly
on the souls of others.

I like to look at
life from the butterflies point of view.

I understand the elegance
of the Japanese culture,

for I too honor the designs of nature.

My Grandmother had a bridge tally card
in her box of treasures.
I use it for a bookmark.
We are connected.

This book was a gift from my daughter.
I have read it many times.
I reread it to remind me to honor my
gardens in the spring.
I reread and once again I am inspired.

This year I will add the idea
of a Victory Garden to my Kitchen Garden.
My Grandmother was a gardener.
We are connected.

Happy plans for Spring.
Happy Sunday Safari.
Today I was hunting for balance.


sweetbay said...

The chickadee and titmouse photos are beyond adorable.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

I love the way you honour the past, present and future.
You open your heart to all and that is rare these days.

Your daughter knows you well.....beautiful book.

Your birds are doubt that have enjoyed the mild winter. I am so pleased to read that you had rain.....I know you need it. Last year was very dry for your area.

I am watching a bullfinch strip the buds from the cherry tree.
I cannot deny him food.....the fruit farmers are allowed to shoot them if they become troublesome. Better he feeds here :)

Happy Monday.......

Rose said...

I'm always intrigued by the many different subjects you study, Sherry. I learn something new every time I visit your Safari Sundays. Balance is a noble goal to strive for, not only within ourselves but also for the world.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here, too; perfect for getting out and watching the birds. Have a wonderful week!

Angie said...

Thank you. I bow to you. You bring light and balance into my life.

Barb said...

You are busy in February, Sherry! I see a web of connections in your photos and your life. I hope the Swallowtails hatch. Keep dreaming.

ShySongbird said...

Dear Sherry, such beautiful photos of your little bright eyed birds and you always have so many interesting books, I'm sure you never get bored!

I bought the DVD of Julie and Julia last week after your recommendation on your other blog. We watched it over the weekend amd loved it!! Thank you so much, it would otherwise have escaped my attention. We shall watch it many times I know.

Wendy said...

I like how you weave ancestors into your life. We are all One and you are living it. Namaste.

Your daughter is a dear and that book sounds like a rare find.

Your little birds look so cute. I hope these sunny days continue for a while.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Lovely, precious photos as always. I always enjoy catching up with you.. and your interesting studies and reads!! I, for one, was spoiled by those beautiful days we had in late January/early Feb. If I could have been incredibly fast (which I am not).. I do believe the new garden plot *could have* been plowed and worked.. and planted with cool weather crop. So ready for Spring!! Hope you are doing well :) -Tammy