Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Safari

It is day three of the Great Backyard Bird Count.
It was a glorious day too.
The sun was warm and a gentle breeze from the southeast
whispered "Spring."
I was out on the deck in my short sleeves.
I was outside counting birds,

planning my gardens
and falling in love.
I just love this idea of a scented, flower ice bowl!

Presidents Day is tomorrow.
Our founding Fathers were plantsmen.

They too were planning their gardens even when they were
far away.
Every now and again I looked up from my books and journals
to count a few more birds.

The Titmice are in pairs now.
They are always together.
More crocus have bloomed.
I put my nose all the way in.
It seems like a long time has passed since I last had blooming flowers outdoors.

I heard my friend before I saw her.
Sweet bee!
She was interested in my cup of mint tea.
I am always happy to share with a bee.

Birds, blooms and bee!
Excellent Sunday Safari!


Barb said...

It's looking very much like spring in your backyard, Sherry! I'll await more of your blooms, but meanwhile the crocus are show stoppers! PS I'm having difficulty with the word verification.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It does look like spring in your garden. What fun to have a bee join you for tea. Happy SS.

ShySongbird said...

How lovely. It looks like Spring is visiting you early. We thought she was going to be early here too... until the snow came, thankfully it has gone again now though :-)

The photos of your birds, blooms and bee are as lovely as always, Sherry, the Crocus are so cheerful!

I have seen flower ice bowls before, they are thrillingly beautiful, I really must try to make one for a special occasion.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Spring has come early to your gardens....I still wait patiently. I have learned patience these last few years :)

Bless the bee.....sweet bee.

Lovely to see your birds and blooms. Sunny crocus is a joy and gives much hope.

Have a lovely week.......

Deb said...

It really does look like Spring in your garden!
How exciting to do your bird count again this year ~ you have such a fantastic variety of birds ♥

Rose said...

Sounds like a glorious day, Sherry! Birds, blooms, and bees--wonderful! My bird count was not so successful, but I should have been as patient as you were. The birds were out today, though--I think they were hiding from me this weekend:)