Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pine cones

The Pine is my December Tree.
I am studying all the different ones
that grow in my area.
There are many different types of pine trees.
As I walk about I am gathering cones.

We have two White Pines in our front yard.
I have gathered these cones for many years.
They are part of my December decorating.

This year I am adding different types of
pine cones to my baskets and greenery.

It is warm at noon, 52 degrees.
It is sunny.
I am taking my tree book to the deck.
Maybe I will see a butterfly!


PAT said...

Hi Sherry...The pine photos are spectacular! We don't have many Pine trees over here. Mostly Cedar.

The National Forest, down in the Ozarks is very pretty. I seem to remember FFA planting Pines along hwy 63, in Texas County.


Sprite said...



I adore the Pine trees. Every time I go to Michigan to see my family, I am just awestruck by the tall trees there.

I lived near a Blue Spruce for years, that I would drive by every day. I felt like it was a friend, always stable - always there.

What a lovely memory!


PS~ Love the Pine cones! I am decorating my house with them this year too.

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Thank you. I love the smell of the pine in the house. My husband waits to trim the pines and the holly until I am ready for the boughs in December. Years ago I had two huge Cedar trees growing near my house. They were small wild Cedars my husband had saved from a construction job. They grew quickly and I had Cedar branches for December decorating. A terrible ice storm uprotted them!
Life does change.
I use the Holly for my kissing balls. I do four of them. All the little pieces of holly and pine that are left over I use in tiny vases tucked here and there. Every spot gets some fresh greenery. I like the little vases inside my cabients too! My smell of Christmas is pine!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I also love the tall trees. I remember being in Michigan and seeing the huge tall trees. They, like the Redwoods, give me comfort.
I also become friends with trees. The Blue Spruce is a lovely tree. I take photos of trees!
Pinecones are so festive. We use them too as fire starters and as peanut butter holders for the birds. Baskets or bowls of pine cones look so pretty. I do a pine branch and pine cones just laying on a platter sometimes, beautiful centerpiece. Adding in an oil lamp is lovely too.
Oh, I do like to decorate!
Have fun putting up your holiday things!
Deck the halls with boughs of...pine?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I collect pine cones too. I have them on my diningroom table right now. Cones are so interesting. I think it interesting that some of the largest trees have small cones and vise versa.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I also think it is so interesting the way giant trees have these tiny cones! I have watched the Chick-a-dees eat the tiny pine cone seeds. I think if I watch want I plant I can have enough food for lots of birds. I have a small lot and I want each plant to be food and shelter for the birds and the bugs. This coming spring I will plant more bushes. Now to figure out which ones! More Paw-paw that is for sure!