Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunny December Morning

The ice and snow stayed north of us
this past weekend.

Rain showers and a mighty wind
was our part of the storm system.

I stayed inside and finished
dressing the house with her December finery.

This morning I had bird time.

The linens are ironed.
We received our first Christmas card.
Time to bake cookies.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It was a gorgeous sunny day here today too Sherry. I finished the decorating. The bad part is that I didn't get my linens ironed. Boooo. I just ran out of energy. I needed some bird time too. I went outside and cleaned the bird feeder outside my window and put fresh seeds in. I put greens in the window box and in the planter out front. That is the extent of my christmas decorating outside. I had to pick up sticks from the big blow yesterday. I didn't want to come inside but as I said I was weary. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, guess you did have a sunny day! Our weather was snowy non stop since I had woken up this morning!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Wonderful pics of the little birdies and the sky! I took pics of the sky at dark thirty this morning. Wish I could take pics as well as you!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, your snow went north and headed straight to me yesterday. Which was fine by me! Thank you!

I was filling in for somebody at work and I really wasn't in the mood to do that.

Sheila said...

We had snow, then freezing rain, then rain, and now it's snowing agin, and the wind is howling..!
Yes, we have had it all..!
These little visitors add a lovely splash of colour to your winter garden.

Mary said...

Sunny and windy was the weather of the day. 50 degrees, but very cold in the wind!

Continue with your holiday prep, Sherry. And remember, it's YOUR Christmas :o)


Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Nice to have the decorating part finished and now there is plenty of time for the other fun aspects of the season. My ironing pile is almost gone. I did up the Christmas linens and started on the clothes I have not "gotten to " since last September! I will store them after they are pressed and wrapped up with lavender. One more session at the ironing board and I will be able to put it up until January.
Spending time with the birds gives me all sorts of energy. I just sit with my hot cup of tea and my camera and relax. Sometimes I do a bit of writing. I love bird time!
I also put greens in my window boxes and suet cakes. The Woodpeckers come up to the windows and have a treat. I have a treat too watching them up close! The Carolina Wren will come to the window boxes once it gets really cold. Mockingbird tries to but he is too big!
Tomorrow it is to be 50 degrees here. I will spend some afternoon time with the birds and sweep the deck! The birds do make a mess!
The wind blows all sorts of sticks and such into the yard. I always think the wind is Mother Nature sweeping. Picking all of it up is a huge chore. It is one of those little bit at a time jobs for me.
No reason to do it all at once. I do have a nice stick pile for the butterflies.

Q said...

Dear Mon@rch,
Snow! I always think it is so pretty and the birds are right up close whenever it snows. I know it is a hassel for those who muct get out and drive in it. Snow is Mother Nature's way of saying, "slow down and take it easy!" I would love to take a walk in the woods in the snow!
It was almost too bright for photos without a filter. I am so tickled the Pine Siskins are still about.
I did not pish, forgot all about it! Will try some pishing later when I sit with them this afternoon.
They normally come right up to the deck. Maybe, new to me, birds are hanging out in the bushes just waiting for an invitation!
Thanks for the pishing lesson.
Stay safe,

Q said...

Dear Blondie,
Sky photos can be a challange! So often it is too bright. I took a few shots of the crescent moon too this morning. She is so very beautiful in all of her phases. I find I like the moon shots in daylight as much as in the dark sky. Perhaps it is the blue that impresses me. I am adding blue to my Christmas decorating and I am looking at the blue in nature as my inspiration.
Enjoy your preperations for Christmas.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I would not mind some snow next week! I have errands to run today and some outside sweeping to do. The birds do make a mess!
We are to have unseasonably warm temps today. Crazy weather!
When it is warm it is easier to be outside with the birds!
Stay warm and dry,
Looking forward to seeing your snow photos.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I would be lost without the birds.
I find them so pretty and fun to watch.
I hope you are staying safe! Ice always scares me! I have been through some very terrible ice storms and have lost too many trees to ice.
Snow is pretty, for awhile.
I loved seeing your Dove.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
YES! It is MY Christmas too!
I am working on a few photo projects now for gifting and enjoying. I am scanning my old Christmas photos for my digital photo frame. It is in the kitchen and I thought it would be a fun way to share the old Christmas albums. We have always taken photos so we have many! I keep the Christmas photos in their own albums. Every year I clear out the shelves in the entry closet for all of them. Once I get them scanned I can make a cd and have a simple way of enjoying the photos year after year. Next year the shelves can be used for hats and gloves. The albums can stay downstairs in storage. This is one of my ways of making Christmas easier. At least next year, photos will be!
It is your Christmas too!
I am all for it being a fun and enjoyable time of year for you too. Stay in your PJ's!

Chrissie said...

Rain and more rain here :-) How we all long for just a little bit of snow to make us feel Christmassy :-) How many trees have you decorated, Sherry?

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I bet Mary could use some of your rain! Snow is always the delightful and romantic idea for Christmas. I would rather it wait until January. We are traveling again this year and I would like to stay out of blizzards! Last year's was all I ever need of them.
I have done 43 trees...will not put up three that go in my basement this year. We are storing our son's household goods while he relocates. Our family tree, we wait on to put up. Maybe this Sunday my husband and I will do it. It is a "tree trimming party" day for us.
I have ideas for a couple of new trees to do but I will have to find just the right trees and bases. They are so much fun to create. I store them all "done" so all I have to do each year is some tweaking and plug the ones in that have lights. I do all sorts of different types of trees. Maybe I will do a slide show of Christmas trees in my house! ~LOL~
Enjoy getting ready for Christmas.

Tumblewords: said...

Hi Sherry - lovely pictures as always! Eight inches of snow fell here, followed by about that many of rain. Autumn leaves are clogging the storm drains. Weather is always such a surprise!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Oh my goodness! 8 inches of snow and rain! Are you in the Pacific Northwest? I saw on the news last night Washington State had a terrible flood! Oregon too was in a state of emergency. I called my daughter in Portland, and she was fine. Hope you are okay.
When the weather is crazy I just want to stay home. Good time to write and read and maybe even bake a few cookies.
Stay dry!