Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cold and gray

The wind is sharp out of the Northwest.
The wind harp is singing.
Snow flurries are in the forecast.

Too cold and gray for me to sit outside.
Mockingbird wanted his raisins.
I bundled up and went out.

The female Mockingbird has been staying in the front yard.
She came around back when I went out.

She looked around at the seeds and nuts and the raisins.
He was not ready to share.
I put a small dish out in front and filled it with raisins.
It won't be long before they will nest and I will be putting raisins out for the kids.


Rob said...

Your photographs are breath taking. Each one, fantastic. Thank you

Q said...

Dear Robin,
Thank you! I do like to take pictures of the birds. It is so cold and gray I did not stay out very long. Hopefully temperatures will warm up a bit. Yesterday the sun was out so I was comfortable for awhile. It is still very cold here. I am dreaming of spring.

Lisa at Greenbow said... can see its little tongue. Great shots!!!

Deb said...

Oh I just love your mockingbird Sherry! I can see why you are taken with him too. I agree with Robin - breathtaking photos always!

Anonymous said...

These are my kind of Cold and Gray days! Your Mocking bird is wonderful!

Mel said...

Beautiful pictures!
I'm glad we found each other, I got you now on my blog-roll :)
Thanks for amazing photos!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the male mockingbird thinks you're his wife, since you serve him breakfast every morning ;)

Naturegirl said...

Always a Joy to come by and say hello to your birds. I am sending you some warmth all the way from my sunny world of sunshine green grass wonderful flower blossoms here in Arizona! hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I was so excited to get a picture of Mockingbird's tongue. I see it when he gets his raisins but I am usually talking with him and not taking pictures.
He is a funny bird. Very friendly.
My friend the Mockingbird!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Mockingbird has been around for many years. I think it is the same bird. He acts as if he knows me.
The female has also been around for many years. Where their kids go after they are raised I never know. My backyard usually only has the one pair.
I have take lots of pictures of Mockingbird and the Cardinals this winter. I see the Robins now hunting worms and they are singing in the mornings. Maybe it will warm up later this afternoon and I can start working on my relationship with them. Having a few Robin friends is always a treat.
Mockingbird doesn't care much for the Robins. I think there is some territory nesting sites being defended!

Q said...

Dear Mel,
I too am happy we have met!
Thank you for including Corner on your blog roll.
I do enjoy taking pictures of the flora and fauna that is here in my backyard!
Glad you enjoy them too.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I think in the bird world the males give the females breakfast!
I bet Mr. Mocker thinks I am Mom!
At least he knows me as the raisin supply entity. My Mockingbird thinks raisins come from a red bag that emerges from the yellow door!
His friendship means the world to me.
As does mine with you!
We are getting closer to Spring!

Q said...

Dear Anna,
Glad to know you arrived safe and sound. Hope your road trip was fun.
Arizonia is a grand state. All sorts of bio-diversity there. I shall check your journal to see if you have had a chance to post.
Enjoy Spring in the desert. I bet it is beautiful!

Q said...

Dear Tom,
Cold and gray works for me if the birds are about, for a short period of time. I get too cold!
I like warm and gray better! Not too warm! I do not like to be hot or cold! LOL!
Thanks! I work with what is here...
waiting for spring migration.

Mary said...


As much as I complain about one Mockingbird, in particular, I do enjoy them. They are photogenic and love the camera and sing beautifully, too.

Your photo of the tongue and raisin is great! Now, I need to look at my field guide to determine the difference between the males and females.


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Mockingbird can get an attitude!
I have seen him become very stern with the other birds. That is why I do not feed meal worms anymore. Mockingbird just became a tyrant!
The Wrens and the Chickadees loved the worms but Mockingbird would not let them even near the feeders even when the worm tray was empty. Finally I just quit feeding worms.
Mockingbird is so unafraid that he is fun to take pictures of. Easy too!
The males and the females look just alike. The way I know, Mr. has a lighter front and Mrs. is a tiny bit smaller. I watched these two last year and am pretty sure Mrs. spends her winter over in the cemetery.
They are incredible birds. I love their song.

Barbara said...

Your pictures are great, great, great. I love the mockingbird snapshot!

Q said...

Dear Barbara,
Thank you!
Mockingbird is a funny bird!
I do enjoy the birds. Glad you do too!