Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Rabbits

We went for a car ride.
Too cold for a walk.

The Rabbits are out on the Country Club Plaza.

I remember the Rabbits from my childhood.
When my children were little we would visit the Rabbits on Easter.

The Rabbits on the Plaza
are a spring tradition.


Anonymous said...

They are cute!

Anonymous said...

Neat Bunnies! Happy Easter to you and your family!

smilnsigh said...

So cute! :-)

And it was _this_ cool. Hope it didn't bother the crocuses.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry.....My grandchildren would adore these rabbits. So cheerful and bright. Hope that you have enjoyed your Easter.

Jayne said...

Cool rabbits! Hope your Easter was joyful Sherry!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun tradition to go see the Easter Bunnies. They look huge. Great for stimulating the imagination.

We had snow and sleet showers this Easter. I don't remember that happening before. Brrrrrr

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Happy Easter!
They are cute.

Q said...

Dear Tom,
Thank you! Happy Easter to you and yours. The Bunnies are fun!

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci!
It was cold and the wind felt even colder. I did very little walking around. My husband drove me to each bunny so I could get some pictures. LOL!
The crocuses are just fine even though it was 24 degrees this morning! Brrr....

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
My children always enjoyed the Rabbits! I wanted to visit the Bunnies and do a post for my kids!
I thought they might come to Corner
looking to see what Mom and Dad did for Easter.
I celebrate Easter in April! Too many motifs to do Easter in March. I decided I will celebrate the Orthodox Easter on April 27th.
I hope to have tulips by then!

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
We had a nice quiet day. My husband is getting over a cold so we read and played March MAdness!
Hope you also enjoyed your day.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Oh no! Snow and sleet? Yikes!
Not Easter bonnet weather. Maybe you will join me in celebrating on April 27th this year. A more sensible time! The Plaza will put the Bunnies away now. I wish they left them up until May!
I remember an Easter in the late 1970's where we had snow on the ground. Stay warm, April will be here so very soon and lots of sunshine.

meggie said...

What a lovely tradition! I am sure the children love to see them too.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I hope my kids enjoyed seeing the Bunnies.
I was wondering if you celebrate Easter now or in your spring next September.
I do not think it is right for things to be made up for the Northern Hemispere people and not for the Southern.
Happy Autumn!