Friday, June 27, 2008

Acoustic Brazil


Cheryl said...

What a wonderful insight Sherry into your world. The wonderful birds, butterflies and bugs that share your garden.....The house is quiet. Mr practical is not home yet. It was an absolute joy to absorb the music and video.

Yes Sunday safari is on, I will post sometime in the afternoon.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This was just great for a hot sticky afternoon. It made me crave a margurita. Ha... I love the picture of the woodpecker feeding its young. I also enjoyed seeing the male hummer. Our male hummers have already departed I guess because we haven't seen one in some time. ONly females are coming to the feeder. Love that feather picture too. Have a great weekend.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
So glad you enjoyed this. Gal Costa sings this song, "Aquela Frevo Axe". It is off the cd, "Acoustic Brazil", Putumayo World Music.
I just love the bassa nova beat and the sound of her voice sets me swaying.
Have a fun Saturday.
We will have fun bug hunting on Sunday.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
So many events this past week I could not post all of them! Thank goodness for Slide Show Friday!
I do not speak Portuguese but I think it is a beautiful language. This song is about a lover met during carnival. I just love her voice!
It is too hot and humid for me to be outside in the afternoons now.
I make sure the feeders and bird baths are full and come inside. About once an hour I walk around with the camera just in case a butterfly is about!
I hope the hummingbirds have nested near by. I still see two males and one female.
Lots of neighbors feed the Hummingbirds. I do not know how many are in the neighborhood. Three doors down my neighbor has trumpet vine. I would love to get some pictures of Hummers going in and out of the trumpets.
Have a great weekend too.

Tumblewords: said...

Uplifting and romantic! Truly enjoyed glad you are doing these Friday vids!

Anonymous said...

Ah what a sweet video. However!! I do miss your alamanc ones too.

Wendy said...

What lovely music you have chosen as a background for your garden. I enjoyed the rich powerful, yet gentle strains as I watched bees and butterflies and flowers. They were all so colourful.Thank you so much for sharing.

Mary said...

The ladybug!

Shall we dance cha-cha and sip iced tea?

Toe tapping, I loved this one the most of all.

Beautiful, wonderful.

I'm in awe.

Muchas gracias, amigo.

Rose said...

Lovely photos as always, Sherry, and I really liked this music, very upbeat and yet soothing. The photo of the dragonfly laying her eggs was amazing. Enjoyed the daylily post, too; "If you had just one day..."--a great message.
Have a good weekend!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
So happy you introduced me to the soft ware. I did take to it! I actually think about slide show all week. Sometimes I save back some photos just for slide show.
Glad you are feeling better.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
You are so kind! I am two months behind on Almanac! I have the pictures and I could catch up! Almanac takes me so very long to do. It is beacause of all the writing, I do not say much but those two-three minutes of Almanac take me three-four hours to create!
Friday slide shows also take awhile to put togehter.
Thank you for your Almanac interest. Hopefully I will get back to it. I am feeling so much better too. I bet the creative juice needed to write will come back soon.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
So glad you liked this one.
There are other bassa nova songs I would love to post but they are a tad too long. I think this song is pretty.
Glad you enjoyed it!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I am so happy you were able to have a few minutes of light hearted enjoyment. My heart is grieving with you.
One of these days we will sing in the sunshine, sip our sweet tea and talk and dream. May the Carolina Wren sing sweet songs to you until we are able to be together.

Q said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you.
I did enjoy watching the Dragonfly lay her eggs. This morning I ordered two books about Dragonflies. One is a field guide. My feild guide is rather small. 2009 will be my "Year of the Dragonfly"! I have one room in my house that has dragonflies as it's main motif. I also have dragonflies scattered here and there in other rooms. Now I will learn how to care for my dragonfly friends outside.
I am so looking forward to this!
Being the best we can be each day begins with setting our intent.
Mother Nature has all sorts of ways of reminding us.
Today I watched her Morning Glories.
So beuatiful...

Deb said...

I always enjoy the music you choose to go with the gorgeous images you take Sherry.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Thank you! I try to showcase a little something different each week. I listen to a variety of music! Glad you enjoyed this.