Thursday, June 26, 2008


I watched the Black Swallowtail find the parsley.

She was ready to lay her eggs.

I have fennel too for hosting.


ChrisND said...

I think I need to start planning my garden more for the insects. I love all the activity you are able to capture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,
As usual, your photos are breathtaking! I did plant some parsley in my yard, but it's only a quarter inch tall. I hope I'm not too late!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I haven't seen any Blackswallowtails in our garden yet this year. Sometimes I don't see them until their little instars start showing up on the fennel. Great photos.

Jeanne said...

Lovely indeed.
Blessings my friend~

Cheryl said...

How wonderful Sherry.....I to have host plants for butterflies and moths.....we have the honour of having them in our garden and they have our gardens just waiting for them......

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Planting for the butterflies is a wonderful way to garden. I keep learning too which is a joy. After 35 plus years of gardneing it is wonderful to still be learning and being excited!
I do love the bugs!

Q said...

Dear Laura,
So happy you planted parsley. It is a bi-annual and will need to be planted every year. It blooms in it's second year. Once the Black Swallowtails find your parsley they will come back. It is as if they pass on the knowledge of where host plants are to their offspring.
You will love seeing the Swallowtails. Never too late. Sometimes we plant in one season for the next too. I plant parsley and fennel for the Black Swallowtails! They also like Queen Ann's Lace. It is very pretty.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I love watching the butterflies lay eggs. I also enjoy watching the caterpillars. Looks as if I will have a second hatching since the Black Swallowtails are starting so early to lay eggs.
I will need lots of zinnias for nectaring come September.

Q said...

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you.
These are lovely butterflies.

Marimoy said...

This picture of the swallowtail oviposting is superb. It's nice to see someone who welcomes insects into their gardens.

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
Thank you.
I have been watching this female off and on now for a couple of weeks. I saw her lay more eggs in the Queen Ann's Lace. I bet she will come back and lay in the fennel. I hope to see caterpillars soon.