Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After walking this afternoon I sat on the deck with a cup of hot tea.
It was chilly out but the sun was warm.
The female Downy Woodpecker
came for suet.

The hat I made this morning was warm.
I love making hats.

I thought about the teal sweater I had felted this morning.
I had an idea.
I tried on a couple of bowls and found one that fit my head.
I decided to mold the drying felted sweater over the bowl.

Tomorrow I will line my new hat with some pretty silk.

I think I will add a feather too!


Tumblewords: said...

Magical! It's been so long since I've done any sewing...I've learned to love doing computer stuff because the delete button works much more quickly than the seam ripper. Doesn't look like you need one of those, though, you talented person!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

OOooooo this is going to be beautiful Sherry.

I love the photo of the Downy. I might have to try to paint her.

Wendy said...

Looks like you're having fun! What a great idea for a hat - to mold it over a bowl. I love the colour. The bird was pretty too.

Grammy said...

Wonderful pictures. You brighten my day. Did you make the hat in a day?

Marimoy said...

I want your skill! I love hats but am no felter! That color is fabulous!

Mary said...

Great idea for a hat, Sherry! I like them not too tight because I resist flat hair.

Rose said...

The woodpecker is so beautiful! I hope Lisa lets us know if she paints her.

I love the color of your new hat, Sherry; with the peacock feather, this will really brighten up a winter wardrobe.

Thanks for the i.d. on my finch; it did look much like the house finch I found on a birding website.

Anonymous said...

What is more pretty the woodpecker or the hat?
I love both..
- Cheers from Canada.

marmee said...

lovely birds and lovely hats. what fun you are having. do you really boil the wool from sweaters? i have so old ones saved form some kind of project. your precious post with the birds, simply beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Firstly I love the woodpecker......I had a greater spotted in the garden today.....I took my snap....and said bird had flown....I am find bird photographs so frustrating......I have even taken to hiding in bushes.....I am getting very worried about this obsessional behaviour...lol

I am also suffering hat envy.....hats have never suited me.....my daughter looks wonderful in them.......how I would love to be able to wear one....and believe me I have tried many.......

Lovely post Sherry and absolutely wonderful to see your artistry......

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your woodpecker and your hat-in-progress. The teal color is lovely. We have a love of hats in common, and a love of nature.

Q said...

Dear Sue,
Felting is magical!
It has opened up a whole new world to me too. My sewing machine had been closed up for many years. Felting was the key to the re-opening.
I have always loved hats, purses, shoes and jackets....I think I will have a fun winter creating.
Right now I am creating out of my "middle brain". I might need some instruction down the road.
I "saw" the teal hat while sitting with the birds.
Very fun! Thank you for enjoying making hats with me and the magic of felting!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I hope you do paint Miss Downy.
She is lovely!
This teal blue hat is the beginning of an outfit. I had thought I was going to make a periwinkle outfit but I guess not!
The universe is providing and I am having fun!Teal blue it is!
I am off to the thrift store this morning to see if I can find more sweaters to felt. If all works out I hope to work on my hat this weekend. I can tell one day a week for crafting is not enough!
I will keep you posted!

Q said...

Dear wendy,
I AM having fun. Slowly all my clothes will become "artsy"! Starting with hats and bags is great too. They are easy for me and are helping me get into the design aspect of sewing. I would like to make a jacket and a skirt to go with teal hat. I have an idea for a bag too.
I am not sure how to turn my slippers into day shoes....teal shoes would be fantastic. I have this "rule" all my materials for crafting must be "used" so I will see what I find for shoes...as soon as I find my threads (they are someplace around my house) I would like to start on the Stumpwork...I need bees on my shoes!
I bought a hat mold on e-bay. I am waiting for it to come. It is my hat size 21 1/2. I hope to learn how to use it and how to add brims and such. Becoming a miller!!
It is a dream come true for me.

Q said...

Dear Grammy,
I made the soft head wrap in about 30 minutes!
The teal felted hat is in progress. I am getting it ready for my next "millinery" time.
I have laid out a couple of decorations for Miss Teal too. I also have been thinking how I will stiffen my hat so it holds it's shape. This hat is my first formed hat. I would like to do lots of formed hats. Learning the art of the milliner is so wonderful!
I brought up one of the bamboo lazy susans I had used for large pots in the dining room. I did not bring plants in this year. The lazy susan is perfect for hats!
I have dreams coming true!
I have new dream too. I am dreaming a studio!
Keep dreaming,

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
Felting is easy!!!!
It is just a 100% wool sweater, shrunk in the washing machine!
Once you have the felt you can snip, stretch, sew and tuck and create!
I do want to learn how to do needle felting. I need felting needles.
Next, you know, I will want to be able to make straw hats! I can see my grasses now braided and wrapped and drying....come next summer I might be dyeing wool outside in my dye pots and drying hats on heads...the gardens could look different in a couple of years! The birds and bugs will approve I am sure.
So very fun!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I just was so tired of waiting for my hat form to arrive I improvised!
This teal is a lovely color. My husband said last night, "You do not have anything to go with this color." He is right! I will have to make an outfit...
It will fun to dress Madeline in fabrics and get to sewing. I will need a pattern!

Q said...

Dear Rose,
Lisa is a fine painter. I always am honored when one of my photographs inspires her.
I found a silk men's tie in my things I just might use on my hat and save the peacock feather for another time. Finding ways to decoarate the hats and bags is all part of the fun.
Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the House Finch and the Purple Finch.
I love them both!

Q said...

Dear Gisela,
The female Downy woodpecker is a sweet one. My teal hat is exciting...since I have nothing to go with I will be making an outfit...teal could be my new color.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I felt my sweaters in the washing machine. I think you can boil the sweaters and create boiled wool. I do not know...I have never done it. I do have a large stock pot....maybe I will see if a sweater boils up and makes a nice dense piece of fabric. I could use anither pair of slippers.
I am going to need my studio soon...wool in the kitchen could mean the food stuff has to move out.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
She is a cutie...a Greater is a lovely bird. You have lots of birds in your sanctuary. It is fun for me to see them too now that have your long lens. It does take some practice on getting the photographs. The birds always come right back if I spook them. I just wait quietly. I find if I set out my treats and have my bird time I am able to get some nice photos.
They get used to me and the camera.
I always think there is a perfect hat style for everyone! Like your daughter, I wear hats well. I would love for you to be able to find your perfect hat. Maybe I could make you one?
That would be fun!

Q said...

Dear Sandi,
We do love hats and Mother Nature. I was pleased to share the bowl idea...now that Hannah has arrived no bowl required!
Thank you for your friendship.
Where would I be without you?

Maria said...

Oh my goodness. You really DO have KraftyKitten-itis. You've got it bad. :-)

Q said...

Dear Maria,
I was bitten! You know when one is trying on bowls out of the cupboard one is "hat crazed"...
I do love hats and felting...great combo.
I also dream about making hats...