Monday, November 17, 2008


It was cold this morning.
The temperatures hovered at freezing.
The Blue Jays came for their morning peanuts.

The leaves are gone from the Dogwood.
The berries have been eaten.
The branches are bare.

The female Cardinal waited for the sunflower seeds.

The Purple Finches waited for the feeders to be filled.

The male Gold Finches are changing into their winter plumage.
It smelled like winter this morning.
I was hoping for more Indian Summer.


Wendy said...

Oh, so you can smell winter too! I also can smell winter - and some people look at me as if I'm odd.

Your little goldfinch looks like a little person - all set to give a speech!
I like your pics.

ChrisND said...

Love your bird friends as always. I'm not sure if it's fall or winter smell - but we can really notice in the evening the smell of wood burning in the neighborhood.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes Sherry winter is marching right into our world. Now the weather people are talking about jet streams and cold fronts. Brrrr

Marimoy said...

I smell winter, too! Well, in a sort of it is a bit cooler and the trade winds have returned sort of way. Honestly I am a bit jealous though. You have so many lovely bird friends!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry......a beautiful selection of birds....I do love to see them, they are so different from colourful......

Winter has not quite arrived in is chilly and damp and does reach your bones.......But I still have bees in the garden and a red admiral passed by today......
We have a cold snap coming on Sunday....temperature will drop dramatically and the winds are going to turn to the North......

Stay well, stay happy.......

meggie said...

I love seeing your colourful birds. Our shrikes, who seem to have adopted us, are so hard to spot, in the Grevillea. They have become so used to us, they almost touch us as they swoop under the roof of the pergola, & over our heads. They dont sing, but their peeping to call each other seems very sweet somehow.
The wretched Mynah birds are making a nest in a tree that abounds our place, & they have chased away all the native birds, who used to come to sing & sip.

Mary said...

Ahhh, they're my old friends :o)

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Yes, I can smell Winter! I can also smell Spring! It is a joke around my house...I will announce if I smell "coldness". I smell cold long before I feel cold! It is so wonderful there is another person out in the world that knows exactly what I mean. Oh the joy of connecting!!!
The Gold Finches are joyful little birds. I love their little call.
Smelling "warm" this morning....southern breeze....

Q said...

Dear Chris,
While walking yesterday I smelled a "wood" fire. It is the smell of Thanksgiving to me.
The birds will be my companions now until Spring and the return of the bees and butterflies.
I already miss the bees. We put the bee box in an unheated garage for the winter. Maybe next year I will have two bee boxes!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I can feel the cold as well as smell it!
I love wearing silk long underwear. I wear everyday. I may smell the cold and feel it on my face but the rest of me stays warm.
If it is sunny I can become too warm wrapped up in my blanket on the deck!
I hope to be walking most days this winter and writing and crafting! I have lots of hats to make!

Q said...

Dear Mimi,
You also have lovely bird and butterfly friends!!
I enjoy coming to your jounal and learning the science behind our nature...
I also can sniff out a great hat!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I have lots of feeders and so lots of birds. I like to think they come to see me but I think they really come for the treats!
I read the forcast for today and the temps are to rise to 60F (16C) degrees! Crazy, but I will take it. One or two more days of Indian Summer works for me. I will set out some cut up pears for any bees or butterflies that might come out.
I hope to be on the deck this afternoon watching for them!I am reading another book about the honey bee. I think I will go get a spoonful of honey....
I feel so good. I think I am almost 100% well.
Thank you for your care and kind words.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
The Shrikes sound as if they are fun birds to watch. I looked them up in my bird book but I think yours are different from what I see.
I hope you have butterflies again and all sorts of lovely little bugs!! I like bugs as you know.
The Mynahs sound as if they took over! We have non-native birds that have done that too. The House Sparrow is such a bird. When I see them gobbling up all the seed I just remember they are fattening up for the Hawks!
I almost bought a quilt book! I thought of you and all your beautiful quilts. Than I saw the Stumpwork book and knew that was the direction for my needles.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Will you put your feeders back up soon? I see a large group of Cardinals now. (I saw 12 on the deck and at the feeders at sunset just the other day).
I have lots of Blue Jays but have not seen the Mocking Bird for weeks. I think the Jays chased them away!
I will come to see Mockers at your house...they love you!