Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Storms are coming in.
The clouds are beginning to layer.

The Grackles and the Crows
have returned for the winter.

The female Red-Bellied Woodpecker
is becoming comfortable again at the nuts.

Cooper's Hawk is keeping
the House Sparrow population in check.

I started working on my new hat.

Life is good.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful bird photographs Sherry......I love the woodpecker....
how I love the clouds when they tell us a story......
we had a break in the weather yesterday and I posted some bee we are back to dull weather sunshine here.....except in our hearts.......

PAT said...

Hello Sherry...Yes, life is good.

My shoulders are telling me the weather change is just around the corner.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Batten down the hatches Sherry. That storm is supposed to get here tomorrow afternoon. These are great photos.

marmee said...

those rising clouds are so incredible. the birds seem to just pose for you. love it all.

Wendy said...

Those clouds look like magic brewing in a cauldron! Your hawk looks like you caught him by surprise!

Anonymous said...

That first picture is awesome! Plus, I like your hat. You're a woman of many talents.

Did you catch the expression on the Cooper's Hawk's face? That put a funny expression on my face, for sure.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Stormy weather did come in. We needed the rain. It is sunny and colder this morning.
When the bugs go I spend more time photgraphing the birds. I love them all! The Woodpeckers are some of my favorites too.
Keep a sunny heart.

Q said...

Dear Pat,
Happy November! The leaves have been beautiful!
The storm looked as if it would be coming your way soon.
Stay warm and dry!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
The wind did come up too!
I think as soon as Pat has a good rain fall the storm will come your way. Some rain for the garden would be nice! You have been needing some.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
It was very early in the morning whenb I took the rising cloud photos. I did an series of them.
The birds are delightful. I would be very lonely with out them.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I have not posted any pictures of Cooper for awhile. I liked his "who me?" look in this photograph. Sometimes he looks scary. Here I think he looks comical.

Q said...

Dear Wren,
Thank you. I am looking forward to making more hats. I need a form!!
Cooper is a funny bird. He is comfortable hunting in my backyard. Lots of House Sparrows for him too. The Dove population is manageable now after he hunted them this summer.
I love the balance of nature if left alone.

ChrisND said...

I have to say I have been enjoying all of your bird photos. I might have to sit at some quiet spots and find what is left here - our house doesn't really attract many types yet.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Once it becomes too cold for the bees and the butterflies I become bird dependent! I have lots of bird feeders. In the winter I sit on the deck with my blanket and have my bird time.
I love being outside with them.

Kelly said...

love the cloud photo!!