Thursday, December 18, 2008

Red Wing Blackbird

I sat outside with the birds this morning.
The snowy weather has brought many birds to my backyard.
I was very excited to see a Red Winged Blackbird fly in.

Seldom do I see a Red Winged Blackbird
in my backyard.

They are birds of the countryside.

The forecast is for freezing rain this afternoon.
I will set up a few more serving trays.
It looks as if company is coming!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a redwing black bird again. They seemed to have disappeared around here for the winter. We have snowy weather too. Two flickers, a robin, and the normal rompings of juncos, finches, and chickadees are here at our feeder in coastal WA state.

Mel said...

Hi Sherry,
That is a beautiful bird.
It makes me smile to think of you sharing your time with such pretty visitors. I'm stuck in a grey office dreaming of such thing.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so happy you are welcoming these beautiful blackbirds into your garden Sherry. They are a native our our great country even if they are common as an old shoe I just love them dearly. You too for being such a caring person.

Anonymous said...

They are very pretty birds for being so plain.

Q said...

Dear Natural Moments,
I so seldom see a Red-winged that when he flew in I gasped!
My yard is filled with birds today, 250-300! Lots and lots of wings! A large flock of House Finches came in and they are mingling with the Purple Finches at the feeders. If I do get ice more birds could come in.
I think I am having a Holiday party!
My daughter lives in Portland, Oregon. She has a pair of Flickers too. Your birds are a wee bit different than mine!
Nice to meet you.
Looking forward to reading your journal and getting to know you and your birds.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
We will have to get a bird feeder for your office. Hopefully you have a window! I have to be able to see outside.
Have a delightful Holiday!
Love and light,

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Oh my goodness, the Red-winged Blackbirds are not common at all for me! I seldom see them. I need to get away from my backyard more!
I welcome all the birds...the Blue Jays are keeping the Starlings and the Grackles at bay. I still have four dozen Doves and five dozen House Sparrows...hawk food!
Hope you are enjoying these before Christmas days. I am watching the skies waiting for ice.
Stay safe,

Q said...

Dear Scienceguy,
They are pretty. Watching this male fly about was very cool. I loved the way his "red bar" flashed. I was very close to him too when I took his portrait photos.
I like having a series of up close pictures of all the backyard birds!
Hope you have a nice Holiday.
Bird songs,

Unknown said...

I miss red-winged blackbirds. Living in So. IL I used to see them in certain areas a lot. My parents had a game they played in the car when they saw them. Basically, the first one who sees it and yells, "red-winged blackbird" wins. I have such fond memories of this bird. Beautiful, thanks.

Wendy said...

We have them in summer. So I am surprised they showed up in your backyard at this time of year. Glad you had a chance to welcome him.

Q said...

Dear Garden4life,
So nice to meet you.
I live in the city and Red-winged Blackbirds are countryside birds!
It is fun to have one in the backyard. So glad you enjoyed the photographs and the memories.
I am looking forward to visiting your blog and getting to know you.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I think they are year around out in the country. I remember seeing them at my son's house when he lived in the country.
I wonder if I put pout corn if more will come?
Stay warm!