Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cleaning up

The sun felt warm.
I sat on the deck with the birds
and read for awhile this afternoon.

A pair of Carolina Wrens came for suet.

Mocking bird has returned.
I have missed him.
He is back for raisins.

There are two pairs of Tufted Titmice.
They are so charming.

I laid my book down. I was warm.
The deck was a mess. It was full of spent seed hulls.
I took my broom and began cleaning up.

The Jack-o-lantern is dry now and ready for a coat of varnish.


Dawn Fine said...

Lol..that jack o lantern is a hoot...
very nice photos...glad you are warm..

Anonymous said...

Your Jack-O-Lantern is too much. Did you purposely leave it to cure? It looks like you hollowed it. Varnishing further preserves it I'm assuming. Very cool.

Also your bird photos, amazing.

Mary said...

Oh, Sherry, your birds are beautiful but your Jack-O-Lantern is not very attractive :o) Great to preserve for next year!

Tumblewords: said...

I cannot imagine sitting out in the sun, sweeping the deck (mine's still buried under snow). The jack-o-lantern is priceless. How did you do that?? I love him.

Wendy said...

Yes, your jack-o-lantern was a surprise! He's popped up in the wrong season. LOL!

Loved your little birds. I'm glad it was warm enough to enjoy some time on your deck.

Anonymous said...

That's quite the authentic jack o lantern. You can enter this one in a contest. It has a lot of feeling within it.

I havn't seen a mockingbird in a long time. We may be going to California next week, so I may have a chance to see one some time soon.

Judy said...

I DO love your bird photos!!! Especially these, with the sun casting shadows!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Jack o Lantern looks scary. Maybe that is why that wren looks so cross.

Q said...

Dear Dawn,
A warm up is always great for getting some outside chores done.
I am so very pleased about the Jack-o-lantern! I cannot wait to varnish him. An unexpected and pleasant Halloween decoration. Now I will want to dry all my Jack-o-lanterns!

Q said...

Dear Grace,
I am thrilled! I took Jack out to the deck last November. He was in great shape after Halloween and I just could not dump him into the compost.
Yesterday I moved all the tables and chairs and was ready to let him go. When I picked him up and saw he had cured and was in perfect condition I jumped over the moon. Carefully I removed the rest of the inside dried pulp. He is now here in my office. Tomorrow I will lightly sand him and prepare him for varnish. It will help preserve him. Next Ocotber I will place him on a stand in the entryway. I now want to dry all the Jack-o-lanterns we carve...

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I am so plan for 2009 is to work on my October decorations and gardens. I had no idea this Jack would cure so nicely....I had not started anything yet in January for my October. Mother Nature did my project for me! My part is so easy...I am thrilled. I have an October notebook I am writing in. Drying a Jack-o-lanter will go as a good idea and so easy!

Q said...

Dear Sue,
The break from snow and extreme cold is very nice.
Mother Nature did the drying...She is good. I sat Mr. Lantern out in the sun and he slowly was preserved.
I am very thrilled. I see all sorts of dried creatures in my future.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
As Cathy would say, that Jack-o-lantern is "Far from Autumn."
It worked out nicely. October is my focus month for 2009. My plan was to do at least one project a month for October decorating.
A quick varnish and I am done for January. YES!

Anonymous said...

I love the second to last shot. It looks like he is cocking his head like an interested dog.

Q said...

Dear Bernie,
I do not know my California birds. Hope you see a Mockingbird!
I am planning a trip to Texas at the end of the month and hope to see some new to me birds.
I do have a field guide so I am studying up. Would love to see some bugs too!
Have a great rrip.
Be safe.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....what wonderful bird shots....I do love to see them. Their facial expressions are so sweet.....

The jack o lantern is amazing.....I love him and so would Riley and Poppi. I must remember this for next year......

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I thought the little Wren looked as if he was trying to look scary too!

Q said...

Dear Scienceguy288,
The little Tufted Titmice always seem as if they are asking, "What's this?"

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I was so pleased when I saw the Jack-o-lantern had dried. I just had to share...

Anonymous said...

nice photos, thanks for sharing! ;)