Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Monday

It is a rainy Monday morning.
Over night we received 2.5 inches of refreshing moisture.
I fell asleep last night to the sounds of rain and thunder.
One of my favorite sounds.

The rain barrels are full.
The peas are watered.

I am inside watching the Orioles.

I am getting organized.

I dream of the day when everything has a place
and is in it!


Cheryl said...

Dear has rained all day here....heavy rain.....everything has had a good soaking.....unfortunately it is chilly as well and we could have a frost tonight. Oh dear.....

Beautiful little bird and so brightly coloured......

I dream everyday of being organised and having everything in the right place......but I think it is a very distant

kkryno said...

Irises are my all-time favorite!

Have you read that book? I'm in desperate need of some organisation and weeding out of old things.

I hope that you have a great week!

Love, Vikki.

Deb said...

It is a HOT Monday here - 30 degrees C with the humidity! Your Oriole is gorgeous & what a beautiful orange holder you have in your garden for them :-) Your organization book looks like a good read!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Little bit by little bit I am getting organized. My house is very small so I need all sorts of help! I love books and I need more book cases. This book, "Sorted" is very helpful. Lots of good ideas. I like being organized so I can find things when I need them and can use what I already have instead of replacing.
Lots of rain here too. I do not mind though, we needed it. It has cooled down for me too. I think a cool, wet Spring is just wonderful! The flowers last so long on the stem. I love wearing Spring sweaters too.
I would worry about frost...I have too many tenders out already.
Do stay cozy. The rainy day means I am catching up with everyone!

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
I always think of the iris for Mother's Day. I think mine are normally blooming in May. These yellow ones are small not the Bearded Iris.. I have some Iris that came from my Great Grandmother's farm. I have them in a few different locations just in case something would happen. A very good thing too since I lost three of the plants in 2007 when Spring came too soon.
I have read and re-read this book. It gives me motivation to stay on the sorting and getting rid of. I work one closet, one drawer one room at a time. I know I will get there one of these days. I work on this all the time and still I have too much stuff!
Hope you have a great week also!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Oh my goodness it is HOT! I hope it cools down for you soon, it is only April! I have orange halves set up in a couple of spots for the Orioles. This one is on the deck. It is an iron "Tree" I planted in a pot of Calla Lilies. I was hoping an Oriole would find it. Having the birds up on the deck is wonderful when I am shut up inside! At least I watch them up close through the window.
Stay cool....

Marissa's Blog said...

Is there a special way to initially attract Orioles? I have never seen one around here and would love to attract them! I appreciate your pictures, so much...very pretty.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

My sister told me today she is seeing Orioles at her Arkansas! How beautiful! I love organizing books...and I love to organize! lol

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am hoping that the rain will come over this way tonight Sherry. Our garden could sure use a drink.

Just saw our first Baltimore Oriole yesterday. Lots of migrants going through now.

Wendy said...

What a beautiful oriole! So colourful and what a good way to put out the orange for him! I like your feeder.

Hope you have a good week. It's hot here and hot where I'm going. That's fine by me.
Light and Love

Q said...

Dear Marissa,
I put out an Oriole feeder five years ago and they found me! Ever since they have returned every year. The oriole feeder is a necter feeder with a spot for an orange half and grape jelly. I have since expanded my Oriole feeding. Today 3 males and two females were here, I expect more will arrive. Hopefully some youngsters will come so they will know next year where the jelly is served!
You can check your conservation department to see if Baltimore Orioles come as far north as you. They stay here until the first of August. They travel from Central America!
Hope that helps.

Q said...

Dear Lavender Dreamer,
The Baltimore Orioles are so exotic looking. They have a wonderful song and call. I do enjoy them very much!
I too love to sort and organize. I have lots to organize too!

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
This rain event began last night and is to last through tonight. I have received 2.6 inches so far. Some areas have received 5 inches of rain!I do think it is on it's way to you. A big cool down here. Low tonight is to be 40!
I think you have more migrating birds than I do. I am excited the Baltimore Orioles remembered me! Hope the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks come. I have also had an Indigo Bunting in the past. It is always fun when a new bird comes in. Thank you for your help in identifying the Lincoln's Sparrow. I just was not sure!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Have lots of fun!
I will hold you safe in my heart.
Love and light,

ChrisND said...

A good rain can be a nice event. We need to add to our rain-barrels this year, though I did start a rain garden.

Organization is something we had and have lost a bit at our home. I think we need to find a balance of controlled randomness as is often the case in nature. Though nature never wastes like we do.