Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April

April is the pink month at my house.

She was named after her Full Pink Moon.

The daffodils bring sunshine to every room.

I cut the daffodils that were bent and laying on the ground.

I lit my bee's wax candles this morning

when I wrote in my April journal

and read my morning poem.

Opening day is coming up

as is Easter.

Today I will keep my wits about me.

I will "watch out" when I walk today.

I will keep my socks on!

I do not want the birds to get my socks!
Not my good bee socks!

Happy April!


Victoria Williams said...

Great post. LOVE those beeswax candles. Happy Pink Month to you!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....Happy pink April..... The candles and socks are delightful.....I love those little bees. Did the birds take them??
I also love your pink stylish.....did you make it???

Today has been sunny and there have been more butterflies and bees in the garden.....I think I saw an early mason bee today but not 100 per cent sure......

Hope you are well and the garden is okay......

Q said...

Dear Kim and Victoria,
Thanks! April is full of fun. I am so looking forward to seeing my first bee of the season!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Last Spring I was sitting on the deck with my socks and shoes on when the sun came out and I warmed right up. I took my socks and shoes off and enjoyed the sun on my toes. I went inside to get a glass of water and when I came back my socks were gone!
I found them later laying on the lawn. I thought at the time Mockingbird took my socks....could have been a squirrel.
My daughter was so tickled. She teases me about the birds getting my socks!
I bought my pink hat...I have another just like it in blue. They are angora. I think I will decorate my pink hat with a pretty flower pin that was my Mother's.
It is cloudy here and chance of showers...April showers do bring May flowers! I am so excited seeing your bees. I look forward to when mine return.
My husband wired up the four big branches that split in the pines. We hope they will take. The pine would have a huge hole in him if we lost these branches. Fingers crossed.
Many of the daffodils were downed but many popped back up and I still have a few drifts yet to bloom. The tulips seemed to be okay. I am waiting to see if the lilac blooms out. Spring is touch and go.
I have decided to celebrate what is. Every day is lovely in its own way. My job is to find the beauty.....
Thank you for your friendship,

Mel said...

Hola Sherry,
Your candles are so beautiful! Lovely socks!!
Happy pink April :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a cheerful post to ring in April Sherry. I read Emily this morning too. I use pink candles for my Easter table. You have given me the urge to go home and set the table.

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm still under the impression from your gorgeous bee rag. Now you've got bee socks too! Yay they're so cute!
The candles are lovely too! If I had them I wouldn't stand - I would want to eat them.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love those candles, too! I think I have some packed away! lol Hope your day was full of fun!

Judy said...

I love those candles! I don't think I have ever seen any shaped like eggs! You find some of the most amazing stuff!
I don't have bee socks, but I do have flamingoes! I will wear them today, in honour of your pink month!

Deb said...

Happy April Sherry!!

kkryno said...

Happy April!!!

I love your socks!

I can actually hear spring in your voice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

That's a great way to bring some colour into your house. Not only will you enjoy the daffodils, but the daffodils will have a new view in life and shall enjoy you too.

Wendy said...

Your daffodils are gorgeous!! Such a lot of them. Maybe it was good they got snowed on, so you could enjoy them in your house!

Did you make your candles? They look so sweet. Happy April! It is warm and sunny here. I posted pink flowers too, but took the pics in a rush before leaving the house this morning. So, they're not as good as I would have liked. But I posted them anyway. Flowers are flowers.

marmee said...

so glad you could at least bring in the daffy's to enjoy.
the beeswax candles are adorable in the eggcups.
hope the birds didn't get something else while you were concentrating on your socks.
happy april back to you.

Anonymous said...

We are Southerners who like the NY Yankees and yea for opening day. Love your buzzy bee socks--too cute just like you.

Anonymous said...


What a lovely April post. I really like all your decorations. That hat looks so soft and cozy to wear.
Doesn't it add such a burst of sunshine having a vase of daffodils in the house?
I like your bee socks also! Too cute.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
I have two pairs of bee socks! I only wear them in April. I enjoy having the fun accessories each month. I only wear Pink in April!
My pink things stay nice since I do not wear them very often. I need a pink bag! Maybe I will felt one up!
Sherry, who is in the pink

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Easter is just around the corner!
Since my kids are on the West Coast and will not be here for Easter dinner I think my husband and I will go to the botanical gardens for our Easter fling! Maybe I will fix some fresh asparagus this week....I must be hungry!
Happy April.

Q said...

Dear Aluajala,
My socks are fun!
I celebrate the bee! Bee wax candles are very nice. They burn cleanly.
I am all about the good bee this month. Raw honey is tasty too!
Happy April!

Mary said...

You make me laugh.


Q said...

Dear Lavender Dreamer,
The bee wax candles are lovely. DO get yours out and celebrate the bee! April is "Bee Month."

Q said...

Dear Judy,
Flamingoes are great! A very pretty pink bird for April!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Happy April!
Pink is a very good color for springy April...

Q said...

Dear Vikki,
I do feel lift hearted. It is extremly cold today so I am huddled in my bee robe!
I need to learn how to do the stumpwork embroidery so I can make bees. I need bees on my shoes and my hats...

Q said...

Dear Bernie,
I also use the dried daffodils for potpouri! After the rain mixed with snow yesterday I think there are more bent daffs for the house!
Today I will clean vases and go cut the downed flowers. It is only to be 34 degrees this afternoon and no sun. Too cold for April.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I did not make my candles. I have looked at the candle making craft and have considered it! I do love having my candles. I light at least one every morning! Maybe when I have the studio I will get into making candles. Candle making would be a fun and easy craft to do. I do love the way the soy candles burn too. I can save containers and plan to make them. Thanks for the idea.
Happy April,

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I would love to knit socks! It is on my list of goals.
The more I think about making my own candles the more I love the idea. I think I will save rose petals this year for candle making...
The egg cups do make cute candle holders. I have a small collection of egg cups.
Happy April,

Q said...

Dear Flowergardengirl,
Our opening day is the 10th, Good Friday. I listen on the radio. Once the baseball games begin I know I am in the growing season. The Yankees have the best uniforms...
Happy April!

Q said...

Dear Stacey,
The daffodils are sunshine on a cloudy day! Today it is cold and cloudy! The daffs perk me up and remind me Spring really is here...just cold!
Happy April,

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I do work "hard" at having fun...
I am wearing my warm "Bee" robe this is soooo cold.
My bee robe is yellow not pink!Bees are the best!