Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Earthday commitment
is to ride my bicycle more often.

I am in training.
I want to ride to the market a couple times a week.
I am looking for a wicker basket for my bicycle.
I already have a helmet and gloves.

The lilacs are blooming.

Still the tulips shine.

The Bleeding Hearts are just opening.

Only one of my plants survived the frosts of 2007.
It will take a few years for this one to be ready to divide.

My husband showed me a nest of spiderlings.
He decided to wait to mow.

They were so tiny.

We were down on the grass watching them awaken to life.

Our legacy is our respect for life.

All of life.


Sheila said...

I love your spider nursery !
And your bicycle. My mother had a basket for the front of her bicycle many years ago. I hope you are able to find one.
The flowers are beautiful. Ours are getting there, slowly but surely.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It must be that bicycle weather is upon us. I got my bike out the other day and dusted it off. Another friend of mine bought her a new bike today! She always has a wicker basket on her bike. I have the old wire type basket. BORING. tee hee... but it works.

Love your spiderlings. Great shots.

Rose said...

Sherry, I am enjoying all the signs of spring at your home. So much life in your garden! The little spiderlings are amazing; what a sweetie your husband is not to mow until they have had a chance to move on. It's still rather chilly here to start thinking about container plantings and annuals, but I did pot up some pansies yesterday to brighten up a back corner of the back porch.

Lavendar in your bedroom is a great idea--you will sleep well this winter:)

Deb said...

I love your bike. I have an old wicker basket on mine - it's been on there for over 20 years :-) Our lilac is just starting to bud and the bleeding heart only a few inches off the ground ... we have to be a bit more patient for blooms :-) Your spiderling photos are amazing!

ChrisND said...

That is a very fine commitment to will benefit you and your environment.

It is so nice to save the spiderlings...I don't very much like mowing the grass as I always notice all the beneficial that appear - trying to avoid the mower.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love riding my bike but only ride for fun..and exercise! We have started wearing our helmets and gloves ALL the time, too! Love your pictures...even the spiders! We have bleeding hearts blooming right now, too! They are so unique!

Dawn Fine said...

Great critters..Loved the spider nursery..glad you waited to mow

Anonymous said...

Quite a handsom looking bike. Looks like it will take you on many adventures. Beautiful flowers as always! Aren't little spider nests amazing when they hatch? So many little beings.

marmee said...

what a wonder your yard is with all the new life...lilacs...tulips....bleeding is very exciting. i have a green bike with a wicker basket on it. we are very hilly here so riding is a bit harder.
all of life is special.