Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The wind was calm.
I sat outside with the birds.

The male Red-bellied Woodpecker came to the suet cake.

He is alert to danger.

Mocking bird has returned.
I am so happy to see him.

The Chick-a-dees are so quick.
They grab a seed and fly away to crack it open.

The Tufted Titmice also grab a seed and fly away.

The sun was out this afternoon.
I needed the fresh air and vitamin D.
We went for a long winter walk.

I am counting the days until the bees return.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry...sorry I missed safari, things have been chaotic here.
The woodie is such a bright and cheerful bird. Red is the perfect you think he may be using colour therapy to get him through the winter!!!

Dragons conjour up all sorts of images for me but I must say that butterflies and hummingbirds would not be amongst them.
I love the rich colours in the photographs......they cheer on a cold winters day. Stay well, stay warm.

Meggie said...

Sherry, what a lovely post. Your photos are always so brilliant, I feel I am there with you. I will never get to see these birds in real life, so thankyou so much for these wonderful photos!
Love megxx

Chrissie said...

I do love to see your birds! Hope you wrapped up warm :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The RBWO posed so nice for your Sherry. I love the first photo. It is so typical and you can see how they use that stiff tail to hold them upright. I hope the wind dies down here today and the sun comes out. I sure need a shot of sunlight. We haven't seen many chickadees around our house this winter. We are worried about them.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Winter time skies and snow are perfect for your bird photography! Love this pics! Stay warm! ♥

kkryno said...

Dear Sherry;

These little guys are so sweet, and the light in these photos is beautiful. We are gaining a bit of sunlight every day. I can't wait for spring!

Have a beautiful week.

Love, Vikki.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I'll be watching for the mockingbird! Wonderful photos that make me smile - as always. Thank you. Out to grab some Vitamin D myself, while it lasts :) -Tammy

Judy said...

The days are getting longer, and I am far more willing to spend time outside, even if the temperatures haven't gone up much!
I do love your bird photos!!So much life in them!

Wendy said...

Nice to take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine! Boosts the spirits, I think.

I love your bird pics. They are just perfect.

Dreaming of bees, butterflies and flowers....

sweetbay said...

These bird photos are beautiful! I love the detail on the woodpecker.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!
I have never seen a Red-bellied Woodpecker in our neighbourhood.
What a great post and pictures.
Thank you for sharing,

Rose said...

Your photos are so amazing, Sherry. I have been trying and trying to get one decent photo of the red-bellied woodpecker that visits here occasionally, but he's too quick for me. I have been spending a lot of time watching the birds from the front window--it's too cold and the snow too deep for a walk for me. I can't wait till the bees return, either.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely, lovely photos Sherry! The Woodpecker is so beautiful but they all are and you have shown them to perfection.

sandy said...

I've been checking out your blogs, very nice and really enjoy your bird photos..

mon@rch said...

the Red-bellied Woodpecker photos are outstanding! BRAVO

Babara said...

Amazing to see all those colourful (and so unfamiliar to me)and lovely birds. Excellent photos, as always. During winter time, we do not have a great variety of birds in our garden. I'm looking forward when they come back from South...but only in Spring.

marmee said...

we have had very little sunshine here and i am craving some vit/d myself. i love you closeups of your visit with the birds. stay wrapped up warm.

Juliet said...

Thank you for your understanding message on my blog the other day. The fog is slowly clearing and I'm starting to catch up with things again! I hope all is going well with your sister's treatment.

I love your woodpeckers - so different from ours. We had a green woodpecker in our garden the other day - I had never seen one before, they are quite rare in this part of the country as we have no woods! I hadn't realised how big they are - it was huge - much bigger than our more common spotted ones. I really hope it comes back.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the woodie saw a cooper's hawk...they often haunt my feeder.