Monday, February 01, 2010


Imbolc is a cross quarter day.
I am doing research.

                                                  This free e-card was on the internet.
                                                          Celebrations begin at sunset.

                                                             It is also St. Brigid's Day.
                                                    I am learning about this day's history
                                                            and how it is celebrated.

                                                          Some call today Candlemas.
                                                             I will celebrate tomorrow.
                                                   For some this is the begining of Spring
                                                               but not at my house.

A few years ago I did a study on frankincense.
I was interested in learning about its history.
I bought a sampler of different frankincese.

This morning I set up an incense burner.

I put my turkish slippers on.

I lit my candles

                                                       and took a magic carpet ride.
                                                    I am on the cusp of a snow storm.
                                                                     Happy February!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't know what this Imbolc is all about. I have heard of St Bridgit. Those slippers are enough to make anyone happy that wears them.

Wendy said...

Happy Imbolc to you! I wish we had the spring conditions to celebrate like the ancient celts did. Lambs, calves, green new plants shooting up.

Frankincense sounds so exotic and so does your magic carpet ride! I did not think we could buy frankincense here. Will have to look for it. I hope you had a good ride.

sweetbay said...

I hadn't heard of Imbolc before. There should be more holidays celebrated this month, February needs them. Those slippers look just right for a magic carpet ride.

Aimee said...

happy Imbolc! This year the timing is perfect for us (even if it weirds me out a little that spring is so early.) We are dressing up the household altar with cut branches and pussy willows.

Barb said...

But, inside with the incense, the candle, and your imagination, it could be spring...

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....everytime I visit, I learn.

Your turkish slippers made me exotic. Magic carpet ride, did you have fun??

Frankincense is wonderful, I love the scent....

Flat Creek Farm said...

Interesting, as always! Love those slippers. I'm just now learning what Candlemas means. Behind the times, I am. Regarding Spring, I most certainly without a doubt heard the Spring call of a cardinal this morning. I'm still smiling :) -Tammy

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning. I really love that photo of the sheep on the frosty grass.

I had never heard of Imbolc either. I knew that Candlemass was originally a pagan celebration that became associated with the Church at some point.

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, Sherry, you are such a font of information and beautiful photographs. Sometimes I wonder how many hours you have in your day. I can barely keep up with myself and here you are off on a magic carpet ride buoyed by candle scents and flying slippers. On the cusp of a snowstorm, I get. :) Wonderful post!

Rose said...

Fascinating, Sherry! I'd never heard of Imbolc before, but it sounds as though Phil the Groundhog is a relative newcomer to the idea of predicting the weather on Feb. 2. I'd like to get away on a magic carpet ride right now, too.

sanjeet said...

I did not think we could buy frankincense here. Will have to look for it. I hope you had a good ride.

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