Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bird Report

There are a pair of White-throated Sparrows
that come to the deck for seed.
I make a pile of seed for them in a brass tray
since they like to scratch for their food.

The Yellow-shafted Flicker
has found the suet on the deck.
The Flickers are very shy.
He has a mate too.

The Cedar Waxwings have returned.

I am so excited to see them!
This male House Finch is very bright red.
He hangs around with the male Cardinals!
Spring is coming very quietly.
Rain has washed the snows away.

I am smitten with this book.
I am smitten with the dawn.


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

I am smitten with your photography!

Amy said...

The flicker is magnificent and the cedar waxwings are pretty special too! How do you do it Sherry?

Cathy said...

Great Photos

I had a pileated woodpecker fly past me on my walk. Another type of woodpecker was pecking a hole in tree by the deck.

As, for dawn. Nah give me the night!

As I said in a short poem

Could the night
be my daytime?

I’m tired of playing
in the light of goodness.

Wendy said...

It's so exciting to watch the birds return! Your pics are so beautiful!

I love dawn - morning is my favourite time of day. Will check out that book. It looks like a good read.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll look for this looks interesting! We've had Cedar Waxwings in the tops of the trees with robins! Very unusual! ♥

sweetbay said...

Gorgeous bird shots!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These portraits of the birds are wonderful Q. I will have to look for this book. I love being up at dawn.

Judy said...

Sherry, I needed to stop in for a visit, as I knew your photographs would cheer me up! I am working two jobs for the next couple of months, and that is SO much harder than I had expected. But the Spring Garden Show starts this evening! I will check it out after work tomorrow!

Chrissie said...

It is so lovely to see your birds returning :-)

Deb said...

Every once in a while the White Throated Sparrows will visit "Sparrows Garden" :-D aren't they beautiful! I have been looking for the Cedar Waxwings who usually gather in our neighbours fruit trees ~ I remember the first time I saw all of them - just gorgeous ♥

Joy said...

Gorgeous bird photos Sherry. How lovely for you as the visitors return. I love this time of year when the birds are singing again. Although it must be said that I am not totally a dawn person but lying in bed listening is nice on a cold morning.

Barb said...

Those glorious bird photos have made my day! I'll have to add the Ackerman book to my list - I have read several of hers.

Mel said...

Dear Sherry,
I'm hopefully back on track and catching up with some of my favourite things :)
I enjoyed this post very much, lovely birds visit you!

kkryno said...

Spring is nigh.

I am ready!

amatamari© said...

Maybe the spring is only
infinite, priceless beauty...
Magnificent series, thanks for sharing!