Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring

Spring lays
under a blanket of snow.

The Gold Finches have begun
their Spring molt.

The birds are flocking to the feeders.

The snow began last night and has
continued to fall all day today.

                                                                     It is a wet snow.
I hope the butterflies and bees
found warm shelter.
Some of the daffodiles were in bloom yesterday.
I cut a few for the kitchen table
 knowing snow would break their stems.
I feel sad.
I am saying goodbye to Picses.
 It is difficult to welcome Spring
when she wears a  cold white dress.
 I turn to my books.
I will gather clover another day.
 I look to the art of Spring

and the traditions of Spring.

I am reading

and chasing Spring in my dreams.
The calendar says it is Spring.
Father sky says it is Winter.


Dawn Fine said...

Welcome spring! Wonderful bird photos!

Cathy said...

Hello spring, sorry to see you get snow. I'm sure you didn't want it! So my weather forecast is calling rain and maybe a chance of snow showers later this week.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We usually get a snow storm in March. So far March has been unusually warm here. I am getting a lot accomplished in the garden. Yay.... Hang in there Sherry. Spring will throw off that blanket of snow and you will have many warm days.